Process Stories

Personal Accounts of the Process

On this page you will find a selection of articles written by people who have done the Hoffman Process. Some of the authors describe their personal experience on the course, some describe how the Process has helped them change their lives in a positive way. We have also benefitted from articles in the media and mentions in books. To read more of these, click here. For press and PR queries, or to seek permission to reproduce any of the stories in this section, please email us.

Breaking the Generational Cycle, by retired teacher Brian Woodward

I grew up an only child in a council house in an industrialised area of the North West of England. My Mam did factory work and cleaning jobs and my Dad was a labourer, mainly on building-sites. He was deaf in one ear, so he yelled rather than spoke. Often we’d get whacked for things […]

Father’s Day by events and marketing manager Alan O’Mahoney

My dad left our mum before I was born, so I grew up with my twin sister, older brother and mother.  As a child, every year my mother would ask us if we wanted to send our father a birthday card and every year I refused. There was a door in my heart marked ‘dad,’ […]

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone, by entrepreneur Veronica Morris

I first came across the Hoffman when my husband Rupert attended the Process in 2008. He returned so much calmer, I couldn’t believe how much happier he was in his own skin. I’d been aware of pain from my past that kept surfacing and, having seen the change in my husband, I thought this might […]

Where is home? By actor, entrepreneur and creative artist Sara Masry

As someone who grew up between two cultures, I’ve always lived with a fragmented sense of identity. This is hardly rare in today’s world. According to British author Pico Iyer, there are over 220 million ‘third-culture kids’ globally, or those who might not have a simple answer to the question ‘where is home’? But I […]

Learning to ‘stay with the trouble’, by artist and author Samantha Clark

When I signed up for the Hoffman Process back in 2008, I had no idea that it would release a stream of creative expression in writing that would eventually become my first book. It was a difficult period in my life. I had just started a new job back in the city I grew up […]

A gift to remember, by coach and mentor Rachel Montagu

Having completed the Process at the beginning of February 2020, I could not be more grateful in these times of lock-down and physical distancing, to have invested in Hoffman. I first heard about the course from a dear friend, Sam Pelly. Now a Hoffman graduate and self-styled ambassador, he recommended the benefits of Hoffman to […]

A Life Worth Living, by actor and theatre company director Rob Dennett

My earliest memory is being 5-years-old, sitting in the back seat of my Mum’s silver Ford Escort and watching her drive. Because that’s who I was, an observer. Or at least, that’s who I remember being. I watched the world unfold around me and never quite fully understood what it was all about. Childhood was […]

Living with intention: by Tessa Mace, Strategy consultant, BUPA

Curiosity about myself was completely non-existent until my thirties. I was the pragmatic, action-oriented type who cracked on with life; diligent, career-focused, and striving to make my way in a solid corporate job within a giant of the global banking industry. Having undergone the standard corporate psychometric profiling – Myers-Briggs and the like – I […]

Tears of a Clown: by humorist & character comedian, Rose Wadham

When I was five, I was painfully, quiveringly shy. So shy that I took up residence in the airing cupboard, where I would immerse myself in the soft, clean laundry and sing to my family of twenty-two teddies and dolls from around the world; tragic operettas involving lovelorn knights and Chinese princesses and orphans drowned […]

A labour of love: by Career Matters founder, Erica Sosna

I’m a child of the globe. My Russian father and my Persian Jewish mother met and married in Israel before moving to London, where I and my younger brother were born. Their marriage was an unhappy union of polar opposites and my experience of their very different approach to parenting created an inner conflict that […]

Life’s a rollercoaster: by voiceover artist Posy Brewer

In 2010, I was in a very dark place. I found myself spiralling into a deep hole of depression and anxiety. I remember the moment my husband came back from work and found me crying into the carpet, hoping the floor would just swallow me up. That was when the doctor put me on anti-depressants, […]

Shared understandings – An interview with psychotherapists Simon and Michelle Matthews

What prompted you to do the Process? Simon: When I did the Process I was in the middle of a marital crisis. I’d never done any therapy and the idea of a therapeutic ‘boot camp’ appealed. I’d also prompted my wife (at that time) to do it before me….and had been impressed, unnerved and inspired […]

Finding my identity: by counsellor Marion Browne

In the summer of 2018, I was recovering from breast cancer. I felt battered and bruised, both physically and emotionally, but so very glad to be alive and recovering. The cancer had left me desperate to get on with my life and live it to the full; the ever-present fear of it returning propelled me […]

Hunting for wisdom: with Hoffman facilitator Stella Horgan

My life’s trajectory was shaped by my upbringing in South Africa, where I was born and raised in a relatively privileged white family during apartheid. When apartheid ended in 1994, I threw myself into a media career working on projects focused on celebrating and building the New South Africa, but by 1999 I felt a […]

Pulling anxiety up by its roots: by therapist, coach & author Chloe Brotheridge

I’ve done my fair share of personal development. From my own training as a hypnotherapist and coach, to years of therapy, to retreats in the Amazon rainforest, I thought I’d seen and experienced it all. So, although I was stuck and in need of help when I signed up to the Hoffman Process, part of […]

It’s never too late for change: by life skills trainer Mary Jo Radcliffe

I was born into a very traditional Catholic family, my ancestors having died for the faith. I arrived in this world in London in 1939, ten days after war was declared. My very young mother already had my 20-month-old brother to look after. London wasn’t considered safe, so after two months we children were sent, […]

Doing the Hoff: by film maker Tim Pope

The Hoffman Process speaks to you at a time when you need it, or when you are ready to listen. I know that, because that’s what happened to me. Here’s the story. My family and I were staying with a pal at her villa in beautiful Umbria, in northern Italy. I had never been to […]

Courageous conversations with Karen Downes, business consultant and resilience coach

In her twenties, Karen Downes (pictured) built a home business in Australia into a multi-million dollar enterprise with her sister, Judith. Unfortunately in 1999 the business came to a difficult end, tearing apart their families and leaving the sisters emotionally bruised. Karen continued with her passion to transform herself and support others. She moved to […]

Sparking love & light: by glass artist Candice Wu

Like so many things in life, glassblowing can be unpredictable. There are many variables that can’t be controlled, and due to the nature of the medium, there’s a high rate of things that can go wrong. Despite knowing this logically, I used to be really hard on myself. I’d get so caught up in having […]

An adventure back to self: by Forest Bathing guide and mindfulness coach Liz Dawes

When I did the Process in 2012, I was a commercial real estate lawyer living in London. Realising that I didn’t have to be a workaholic, wear the mask of a people pleaser or be stuck in a career that wasn’t for me were all huge revelations. The highlight of the week was meeting my […]

Each person is a new story: interview with Marriage & Family Therapist Khalid Sendi

What inspired you to decide to train as a Marriage & Family Therapist?  I come from a broken and dysfunctional family. As a kid, I always felt that I was different. I have half-brothers and sisters from both of my parents, so family dynamics have always been an area of interest for me. I wanted […]

Connecting to the wilderness within: by expedition leader and photographer Sam Pelly

In 2014, my wife and I took our kids out of school and disappeared into the wilds. This escape was a necessity. We had begun to experience a creeping disconnect from one another, with an increase of Wi-Fi, screens and fast-paced modern living, in all its plugged-in, dialled-in ways. The space away provided a very […]

Finding my happy: by social scientist Esther Winslow

By the time I did the Hoffman Process, I‘d been in therapy on and off for almost 10 years. Although therapy had helped in many ways, it felt like I’d analysed the life out of my past and my family situation and I wanted something new. I didn’t want to rely on it as a […]

Masks and masculinity: by lecturer and researcher Rob Dean

It was a rather elegant mistake that brought me to Hoffman. Seven years ago, I was in a relationship with someone who had completed the Process. After we’d been together a few months she told me a bit about it, how it had helped her, and suggested that it could help me to understand and […]

Becoming strong in the broken places: by psychotherapist Marilyn Carré

As a psychotherapist, I help people transition from vulnerability or uncertainty to a more self-nurturing and meaningful place. I refer to it as ‘becoming strong in the broken places.’ This idea seems to give clients the courage to invest in their emotional wellbeing in a way they may never have done before. It gives them […]

Ancestral trails: by Emma Macpherson of The French Retreat

Doing the Process to sort out some ‘family stuff’? Emma Macpherson got more than she bargained for when she was asked to attend the Hoffman Process for a magazine feature. Nearly 20 years ago, I headed to Florence House in Sussex, to check out the Hoffman Process. As far as I was concerned, it was […]

Turning fear into hope, by writer and speaker Hilary Gallo

I can easily recall when I did the Hoffman Process, because we arrived on the day of the 2010 UK General Election. Despite it turning out to be the first hung parliament since 1974 with no clear majority, none of us knew nor cared. Whilst the politicians negotiated what eventually became the Coalition Government, we […]

A voice to the voiceless: by funeral celebrant Nicola Dela-Croix

When I completed the Hoffman Process in 2008, I knew my inner world had dramatically shifted in the most positive way. I also understood how that shift would make a meaningful difference to my family and friends. What I didn’t appreciate at the time, however, was the positive impact my Hoffman experience would have – […]

Feeling like a fraud: by nutritionist and coach Laura Currie

When I attended the Hoffman Process I was, quite literally, in a good place. I’d recently moved out of London to a gorgeous cottage in a more rural location. I’d started work in a new clinic offering nutritional therapy and I’d begun to lead my first meditation group. To all appearances, everything was rosy. Then, […]

‘Life won’t ever be the same again’, by Ben Bidwell, aka ‘The Naked Professor’

Deep down, I knew the Hoffman Process was something I needed to do. Since first working with a coach six years ago, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and learned that so much of how I am stems from the environment I grew up in as a child. Yet it wasn’t a space […]

Giving death meaning: interview with psychotherapist and author Malcolm Stern

Malcolm Stern is a psychotherapist and author. He’s also co-director and co-founder of Alternatives at St James’ Church in London, which has served as a platform for global spiritual speakers and alternative thinking for over 30 years. Malcolm did the Process in 2003. Q: Malcolm, you’ve spoken at many events on the subject of bereavement […]

Boarding and Beyond, by Zoe Flint

‘If you don’t tell me what you’re upset about, I’m never going to know.’ This is what a boyfriend said to me years ago and it really struck a chord, despite being perfectly obvious. Our plans to share a home had been foiled by his taking a job a long way away. I totally understood […]

I’ve finally found what I’m looking for: by pilot Bruce Crawford

Pilot Bruce Crawford went to the Process looking for an indefinable something that was missing. He knew his life had to change but he didn’t know how. After the course it seemed that the winds of change were taking him in quite the wrong direction but he remembered to practice his Process tools and, not […]

I slayed my biggest demon: by journalist and writer Trish Lesslie

As much as I enjoy being around people, I also crave time on my own. Striking the right balance between companionship and isolation every day feels essential to my equilibrium. So, given my need for solitude, opting to hole myself up with 23 strangers for a week on the Hoffman Process wasn’t a decision I […]

How I became a fearless and authentic leader: by Elizabeth Shassere

Over the past 20 years Elizabeth Shassere has led teams through transformation and improvement in organisations ranging from large government agencies to startups. She’s currently founder and CEO of Textocracy Ltd. Her first book, Becoming a Fearless Leader: A simple guide to taking control and building happy, productive, highly-performing teams is receiving excellent reviews. How I became a […]

My mum did the Hoffman Process: by Sam

Sam (pictured aged 4) is now 16. We respect his wishes not to share his surname or publish a photo that his friends might recognise. When my mum first said she was thinking about doing the Hoffman Process, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. She suggested I should do some research online […]

Trauma, resilience and addiction: Hoffman interviews Dr Gabor Maté

Dr Gabor Maté is an internationally renowned authority in the fields of trauma, addiction, childhood development and AD(H)D. He is also an acclaimed speaker, the author of four bestselling books – and a Hoffman graduate. In 2018, Dr Maté was awarded the Order of Canada, in recognition of his work on mind-body unity and the […]

A leap of faith, with entrepreneur Steef Versprille

I was born and raised in Holland and now spend my time between Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands and the Netherlands, where I run my bungy jump, zipwire and extreme sports business. I’m happily divorced and in a second marriage. My relationship with my ex-wife is very good; we work together and both have strong […]

Creating santuary: by artist and Reiki master Ramona Galardi

  When I came across the Process, I was an expat in Singapore, living an (apparently) ideal life. My husband had a fulfilling career trading commodities, I had my own interior design business and we had two lovely young children. I was aware of other levels of experience that I had accessed through dance therapy […]

Emotional Intelligence at work: by executive coach Mollie Treverton

  Executive coach Mollie Treverton talks about the real source of many work issues and shares her experience of how the Process goes to the heart of the conditioning that affects our ability to be effective colleagues and leaders. Work takes up a huge amount of our time and energy. It affects our moods, our […]

Coming Out the Other Side: by Paul Finch, CEO and charity founder

I did the Process in January 2011 following a major life crisis and separation from my wife. The course transformed my world, and, among other things, resulted in a new job. I took on the role as CEO of a failing technology business which I successfully turned around and sold in 2016.  I used many […]

Seeking Sanctuary: by Roger Tempest of Broughton Hall Estate

Roger Tempest’s family have lived in Broughton Hall in Skipton, Yorkshire since 1097 and each century has brought its own challenges. When Roger went on the Hoffman Process, he finally came to terms with his father’s death and integrated years of conditioning to find his own inner sanctuary. Now he wants to offer that place […]

Dare to Share: by children’s author Jo Yaldren

Jo Yaldren left the Hoffman Process with a new life vision – but was then greeted with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease that threatened to derail it. Jo writes about how finding a positive outlook and facing up to change mean she’s now on the cusp of realising a long-held dream. ‘Four years ago, I […]

I gave myself the best gift: interview with Shamlan Al Bahar of The Proteges, Kuwait

You’re a director and founder of The Proteges Organisation, Kuwait. For readers who may not have heard of you, what is TPO and what does it do? The Proteges is a mentorship organisation that was started in 2010 to focus on young people in the Middle East and to embed in them the values of […]

‘I became kinder to myself,’ with Chloe Jacout

Chloe Jacout is a member of the extraordinary Jacout family; a mother and four daughters who have each individually done the Hoffman Process. Mother Rikki and Chloe’s three sisters were interviewed for Hoffman Magazine in 2015 about their experiences (you can read that interview here) After her Process, Chloe made the decision to join her […]

My journey back to Earth: with Tiana Jacout of Woman Fest

Tiana Jacout spent much of her early life running away from pain, and not via a scenic route. Eventually she found spiritual peace at an ashram in India –  then realised that she was still weighed down with emotional baggage that she hadn’t unpacked. ‘There are two things I’ve discovered in life. The first is: […]

Getting better at feeling: with Polly Higgins of ECT

Author and barrister Polly Higgins gave up a lucrative career in law to campaign on behalf of the Earth. In 2010 she presented her proposal to the United Nations to criminalise ecocide – causing serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems, including climate or cultural damage as well as direct ecological damage. Polly’s charity Earth Community Trust […]

Turning a new page: by writer Elaine Kingett

Writer Elaine Kingett fell for her Prince Charming when she was a teenager, but when she found herself widowed after a long and happy marriage, her childhood demons resurfaced with a vengeance. It was time to look within and rescue herself from the sabotaging patterns that were threatening to derail her life. With no shortage […]

Stranger on the Bridge: with Mental Health Campaigner Jonny Benjamin

Jonny Benjamin became a social media phenomenon while searching for the stranger who talked him out of a suicide attempt on Waterloo Bridge. The #FindMike campaign was seen by more than 300 million people and succeeded in reuniting Jonny with Neil Laybourn, the man who saved his life. Jonny’s journey back to wellness included doing [...]

Peace and Presence: with Sarah Powers of the Insight Yoga Institute

Internationally renowned yoga teacher and author Sarah Powers talks about how the Process fits into a path of personal development, helping to unlock the body and still the mind. When asked what brought you to the Process, you said that it was when you saw your husband Ty walking up the driveway after doing the [...]

Ordinary Trauma: interview with author Erica Garza

Erica Garza struggled with the loneliness and shame of sex and porn addiction for two decades, during which she tried many self-help routes, including Hoffman. The Process helped her to connect with a key childhood event which proved particularly enlightening. Now happily married, Erica is determined to help others to understand the link between addiction […]

Moving Up a Gear: By psychotherapist Sheri Jacobson

Sheri Jacobson is Clinical Director of Harley Therapy, with 22 years of her own therapy under her belt. Touched by the difference she saw in her own family after they did Hoffman, curiosity won out and she decided to take the course. In my cab ride home from the Hoffman Process, I felt elevated, radiating [...]

‘I’m not exactly a Hoffman Process Poster Boy’ by Goldie

Clifford Price MBE, better known as Goldie, is one of Britain’s most influential DJs, producers and record-label owners. He’s also a prolific artist, yoga devotee, writer and Hoffman Graduate, crediting his time on the Process as a major influence on his latest album The Journey Man. Below are some of the (more family-friendly) Hoffman mentions […]

Opening Up To Forgiveness: By Daniel Ventura

‘I’ve always tried to be a positive person, but there was always something deep inside of me that was holding me back and making me unhappy. I knew I had to do something about it. My partner at the time discovered the Hoffman Process and took the course. When she came back, I was amazed […]

Seven Days To Change A Lifetime: By GQ Editor, Dylan Jones

I had no intention of ever writing about the Hoffman Process. My wife had been encouraging me to try it for years – apparently my behaviour was becoming so impossible (I was emotionally detached, never ‘present’ and unable to empathise or emote) that the family were walking on eggshells – and when I finally relented, […]

Dances With My Inner Critic: By Spontaneity Consultant Steve Chapman

“Oh dear! I don’t know why you are bothering to read this piece. I’m sure that if you quickly move on you will find a plethora of other articles that are much, much better and written by appropriately qualified people who really know what they are talking about. This article is rather pathetic by comparison. [...]

‘More Straightforward & More Optimistic’ By Actress Ellie Nunn

I turned up on the first day of the course feeling like an abject failure, barely able to make eye contact with the people around me. It was as though the expectations I had put on myself were physically weighing me down and crushing me. I was endlessly crying that I felt lost and hopeless […]

Surviving After Surviving: by Saskia Lichtenstern

People assume that the hardest part of cancer is the treatment – the chemo, the radiation, the hair falling out – but it isn’t. The hardest part comes after, when loved ones have gone back to their daily lives, the treatment is over and you’ve been given the ‘all clear’. That’s when the hard part […]

War and Peace: by psychotherapist Karen Abbs

  In 2005, I went to war. I fulfilled a lifelong dream and started working for an international charity that provided medical and mental health services in conflict-affected countries. I was elated, filled with pride at putting on the official t-shirt that now represented who I was. I was a Humanitarian, off to serve, support […]

Waitin’ On A Sunny Day by Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

  I am driving down the M1 and the afternoon sun is blasting out its wonder and, to totally appreciate its glorious light, I fumble around to find my Ray-Bans. Glasses on, cruising down the motorway, I am a picture of ‘isn’t life great!’ To totally submerge myself into the moment, I turn up the […]

I’m not hiding away: by Craniosacral Practitioner Caroline Laurence

The thought of doing the Hoffman Process arose on a whim. And like so many whims, it became a pivotal moment. I had recommended the Process to people that I had treated, but somehow never really applied it to myself. I was in my early sixties and had been single for fifteen years. My four […]

Hoffman: The Results Are Abundant – Dr Gabor Maté

Dr Gabor Maté and Hoffman Teacher Mairi Russell Dr Gabor Maté is a renowned speaker and the bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction. He's internationally recognised as a leading authority on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development. ‘After I participated in the week-long Hoffman [...]

Walking the Dog: by Emily Dean

You remember every detail when a phone call changes your life. I was on London’s South Bank, when I called up the headquarters of the Hoffman Process and said, ‘I think I need some help’. The area was packed with shrieking tourists piling into group selfies by the Thames. A super-glossy, immaculately-dressed couple emerged from […]

My Wife Did The Hoffman Process: by Dan Williamson

Karen and I met in a sea of orange. It was Koninginnedag and we were in Amsterdam. On this day, once a year, hundreds of thousands of people dress in the nation’s colour, filling the bars, streets, plazas and canal banks in a state of frenzied madness. We kissed in the orange haze and everyone […]

Go For It! By Ed Hodge, Structural Engineer

My life was very busy, intense, tiring and frustrating. I had so much hope for my future and had achieved a lot but I couldn’t see or feel that. I lived my daily life with anxiety, fear of judgement and a struggle with low self-esteem. I just couldn’t relax, and I felt responsible for a […]

Bridging Two Worlds: with Supervising Hoffman Teacher Matthew Pruen

Matthew Pruen has been a valued member of the Hoffman UK teaching team for over ten years and his mixed heritage gives him a particular insight into conflict within cultures, as well as enabling him to support Process students with a similar background. His Hoffman training took him full circle to his homeland of the […]

East By West: by Jasmine Hemsley

When bestselling author, cook and TV Presenter Jasmine Hemsley travelled through India and Sri Lanka, it ignited a passion for Ayurveda – a 5,000 year old holistic approach to self-care. The 140 recipes contained in her new book East By West: Simple Recipes For Ultimate Mind-Body Balance combine the exotic flavours and ancient wisdom of […]

Reconnecting To Joy: with Michael Kehlet

  ‘What is wrong with me? Why is life so hard? Nothing is going my way.’ Walking across Waterloo Bridge in early 2016, I felt like a complete failure. I wanted to scoop up my family and run away from everything, but I had no clue where to go! The irony of the situation did […]

Caring for the Caretaker: with Allie Astell

"I can't really pin down what led my spirit to break so spectacularly back in February 2013. I had been living in Dahab for two years by then, a beautiful area by the Red Sea in Egypt surrounded by clear blue waters, magical mountains, enchanting deserts and breath-taking sunsets and sunrises. Surely this was the [...]

The Long And Winding Road To Peace: with Lindy McManus

In 2013 I was trying to come to terms with the end of my 23 year marriage. The 3-year divorce battle had been super stressful, complicated and deeply wounding. I felt drained, raw, as if I’d lost a limb. Grief is very debilitating and most of the time it felt as though half of me […]

‘Nat 2.0’: with Natalie Ledwell, founder of Mindmovies

Aussie Natalie Ledwell is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, Law of Attraction guru, host of The Inspiration Show and Wake Up TV! and co-founder of the revolutionary Personal Development company Mind Movies. Natalie did the Hoffman Process in White Sulphur Springs, California. "I remember clearly being in the rental car from the airport [...]

Embodied Emotions with Carmen Barral

When Alexander Technique teacher and psychology graduate Carmen Barral did the Hoffman Process she was struck by the transformative power of emotional release through the body. Now she’s been inspired to bring that to others. With your background in psychology some people may be surprised that you chose to do the Hoffman Process. What inspired [...]

Killing Me Softly: with Stella Talpo

Being a coach and counsellor, my mum had first suggested Hoffman to me when I was 17. She’d done the Process herself and studied to be a Hoffman teacher years earlier. My dad, a relationship counsellor, had done the course twice. I guess, like many young people, I felt defiant. I had my music keeping [...]

Hoffman and Mindful Leadership: by Business and Leadership Coach Robbie Steinhouse

In this article, international Business and Leadership Coach Robbie Steinhouse describes how aspects of the Hoffman Process helped transform not only his emotional state, but also his ability to lead a business. He also credits the influence it has had on creating the Leadership Matrix model which underpins his latest book, Mindful Business Leadership. “I […]

Mental Fitness, Emotional Resilience: with Kim Murray

Understanding how the absence of a parent can still affect you as an adult is a common ‘a-ha!’ moment for many people who come on the Process. It’s easy to imagine that your mother or father have little influence if they weren’t there when you were young, but actually that void can set up all [...]

Happinez magazine: Roxane Catz finds a detox for the soul

The text below is a translation from a feature that first appeared in Happinez magazine. If you’d rather read it in its original Dutch, you can download a PDF copy here, or read it on Roxane’s blog here. Please note that this article first appeared in 2012 so some Process details may have changed – […]

Learning to Let Go: with Hypnotherapist Becca Teers

I came across the Hoffman Process when I was in my thirties. Career-wise, things were going really well. I enjoyed running a salon and day spa in London which I’d built from scratch to the point where I employed a team of 14 employees - but my personal life was another story. A really upsetting [...]

Deepening the Dream- When Hoffman Meets Yoga: With David Lurey

“Why are the two of you taking a course like the Hoffman Process?” was a question my wife Mirjam and I were frequently asked. “You have the tools of yogic and Buddhist philosophy, established spiritual practices and what seems like a healthy relationship that processes itself.” Although these were all true, both Mirjam and I [...]

Back From the Edge: with Wilma Mae Basta

I’m well into my second marriage, and I’d say it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments of my life. I say ‘accomplishment’ because I feel I’ve achieved something – contentment, fulfilment and hope. Life is rich and I’m at peace. How my husband Victor and I got to this place has been a […]

My Process: with Botanical Painter Jess Shepherd

Not long after graduating from University, and having tried both therapy and antidepressants, Jess Shepherd was still finding life difficult. Finally, a colleague suggested the Hoffman Process, which helped her to deal with her emotions and sent her in a far more fulfilling direction with her work. Here she talks frankly to Hoffman UK about […]

‘An emotional dynasty…’ Meet the Jacout family.

On a cold, wet February afternoon I met up with the Jacouts: mother Rikki who lives in Bath and three of her four daughters, Tiana, Lalie and Noemie, who have all done the Hoffman Process. They are all strong, independent women who have found different and original ways to express their creativity. Tiana is studying […]

A New Life – Radical Transformation: with Nirpal Dhaliwal

Nirpal Dhaliwal is a British journalist and novelist, based in London and New Delhi, who has written for publications including The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail and the Evening Standard. He did the Hoffman Process in 2016. “For four straight years, from the age of 38, I suffered a continuous enveloping depression that ruined my […]

Role Reversal: with Psychotherapist Evelyne Thomas

Identifying the roles we adopt in childhood can be key to changing behaviour patterns, so that we set ourselves free to express ourselves more authentically. Psychotherapist Evelyne Thomas reveals the steps we unconsciously make in our relationship dances and how we can change the tune to one of joy and harmony. Roles & Relationships Do […]

Hoffman and Chronic Pain: With Dr David Hanscom

We’ve all experienced someone who’s a ‘pain in the neck’ but when is pain a physical phenomenon and when is it actually emotional stress – and are they linked? Recent research would seem to show that our brain processes emotional and physical pain in a similar manner and the body’s chemical response in terms of […]

Boarding School Baggage: with Michael Freeman

When you think of your childhood home, was it generally stable or was it fragmented? Perhaps a significant event marked a major upheaval. Maybe a parent left due to a work posting, illness, divorce or bereavement. Perhaps a sibling was sent away to school, the family moved overseas or you were fostered. Home is our […]

The Lord of the Fries: with Michael Djuric

Graduate stories: Michael Djuric - Lord of the Fries! We love hearing our Graduates' success stories. It's endlessly inspiring to hear of the many creative ways that the Process inspires people to follow their dreams, whether by writing that novel they'd always planned, chasing the promotion they'd always wanted or changing career path entirely. Michael [...]

Creating a New Future: with Ayesha Vardag

After years searching for a relationship that worked, award-winning International Family Lawyer Ayesha Vardag did the Hoffman Process. Transforming the relationship she had with herself reaped wonderful rewards which rippled out to those around her. Her Process ‘toolkit’ allowed her to vision a joyful new partnership as well as a thriving and fulfilling future for […]

Happy to be Me: with Emma Carlton

Unlike many of us, losing weight is one issue that Hoffman graduate Emma Carlton no longer struggles with. After years battling with overeating and sometimes losing a substantial amount, only to put it back on, Emma did the Process in September 2005. Both during her Process and in the months following Emma realised how much […]

Releasing Grief… Getting Back on Track

Sometimes we feel stuck in our life – unable to decide which path to take. A holding pattern like this can indicate that our emotional baggage has become too heavy. When Stacey decided to stop avoiding her past emotional pain and do the Process, the way ahead became clearer and brighter and her anxiety and insomnia disappeared…

Dealing With Loss: with Clare Gilsenan

Society often treats death as the final taboo, yet at some point all of us have to deal with the loss of someone we love. On the Hoffman Process one of the most common issues we help with is unmourned loss because, in a society which admires a stiff upper lip, so few of us are allowed to fully express heartbreak when it happens.

A Life Full of Patterns: with Tim Laurence

A foundation stone of the Hoffman Process is building an awareness of the patterns that run our lives. Here Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence explains why it’s so helpful to identify our patterns, where they come from and the easiest way to unravel them.

Vision & Meaning: with Michelle Pilley & Katie Philipps

I am probably not alone in feeling a little wary of intense psychotherapeutic courses involving deprivation and confrontation. The descriptions of the Hoffman Process made it sound very different from these courses, but committing yourself to an 8-day intensive process is always a little nerve-racking.

The Power of Soft- How to get what you need and still be nice: with Hilary Gallo

Article by Business Coach and Author Hilary Gallo Hilary Gallo started his career as a lawyer and went on to carve a niche both as a negotiator of complex deals and as a leader in the IT and services industry. He’s learnt through experience that what often looks like a technical challenge is usually all […]

Co-Dependency, Addiction, Attachment: With Susan McGrath

Susan McGrath is a Hoffman Graduate and psychotherapist with experience across a wide range of issues including trauma, phobia and depression. She works with adolescents, couples and individuals helping with all areas of relationship and has a particular interest in a personality profiling system called the Enneagram. In this article we asked her to talk […]

Staying Present to Your Presence: with Tim Laurence

You Can Still Change Your Life Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence first wrote You Can Change Your Life in 2003. Here he explains why the newly revised book about the Hoffman Process is even more relevant now than it was ten years ago. What do you hope that people will gain from reading ‘You Can […]

Mindfulness and the Hoffman Process: with Sonia Doubell & Marc Pouw

An Interview with Yoga teacher Sonia Doubell and Comment from Yoga expert Marc Pouw Many of us are so caught up in the external demands of our day to day life that it can be easy to forget what is really important in our life or even stay aware of how we’re reacting to events […]

The Healing Power of Relationships: with Sabine Young

Interview with Hoffman Graduate & Psychotherapist Coming from a highly successful career in Management Consultancy, Sabine found herself increasingly intrigued by what made people tick, so in 1991 she decided to qualify as a psychotherapist. She is also a Supervisor and Group Facilitator with a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy. Additionally she offers […]

Everyone’s A Winner: with Stephen Bourne

Stephen Bourne’s passion is communication. His role at the Centre of Excellence for Tendering and Negotiation at Janssen Pharmaceuticals includes teaching and consulting on the practices developed from the Programme on Negotiation (PON) from Harvard Law School. When he did the Hoffman Process in 2006, closely followed by his wife Gill Manning, it added an […]

Mindfulness at Work: with Jon Treanor

Interview with a Mindfulness Mentor Jon has more than 35 years’ experience in international senior management with companies including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Corp and Philips NV and he’s been mentoring business executives and high achievers for over 12 years. Having experienced a difficult childhood along with homelessness, Jon has spent the past decade […]

The Highs and Lows of Bi-Polar: with Simon Matthews

Interview with Supervising Hoffman teacher & psychotherapist, Simon Matthews Simon, a former businessman, did the Hoffman Process in 2003 and found it so beneficial that he went on to train firstly as a psychotherapist and then in parallel as a Hoffman teacher. His own family history has made him very aware of the specific problems […]

Healing Relationships: with Julia Pitt

Article by Success Coach For Bermudian Julia Pitt the famous triangle more accurately described a tricky relationship between her young son, herself and her ex-husband. Then in June 2013 she flew from Bermuda to the UK to do the Hoffman Process and got to the bottom of the mystery. What disappeared was a lot of […]

Making Friends With Your Feelings: with Manuela Berger

Social Entrepreneur and founder of Feeling Magnets In 2012, in her mid 20s, Manuela Berger realised that her successful career in Hospitality Management ticked everybody’s boxes but her own. During a year off to get some clarity she did the Hoffman Process. At first she felt it hadn’t ‘worked’ but then she found an unexpected […]

Time Out, Not Burn Out

Article by Psychologist Frederique Bicker Psychologist Frederique Bicker has a practice in Amsterdam helping clients with a wide range of challenges, including stress. She also has a background of treating addiction at the Priory in London. Since doing the Hoffman Process herself in 2012 she’s referred many people to the course. Here she explains why […]

Powerful Parenting: with Carole Saad

Article by Co-founder of Best of Parenting Montessori trained teacher and relationship coach Carole Saad used to run her own nursery so she assumed she’d be a ‘natural’ mother. However, when putting theory into practice with her own children she realised there was another element that she hadn’t considered….. ‘I’d underestimated the overwhelming effect that […]

Fitting In: with Jonathan Ward

Interview with Hoffman Graduate & Human Potential Coach Jonathan Ward ‘As a young lad growing up in Leeds my dream was to be a lawyer but once I graduated I took what I thought would be a minor detour along my career path – a decision which had important consequences. I wanted to live it […]

Moving On – An Emotional Reboot: with Sam Obernik

Interview with Hoffman Graduate & Singer Songwriter Singer songwriter Sam Obernik had a global dance smash with the song ‘It Just Won’t Do’ by Tim Deluxe which launched her career as an in-demand vocalist. Despite her creative success, her adoption as a baby created issues that were hard to move on from – until she […]

Cultural Differences: with Jeremy Kynaston

Jeremy is a Supervising Hoffman teacher based in Ireland. Although English by birth, he has many bonds with Ireland which began when he went to Trinity College Dublin as a student. In 1978 his love of travel led him to Australia where he had a son Mischa, who still lives there. After spending the last […]

New Beginnings – Rising From the Ashes Raasay House

New Beginnings – Rising From the Ashes The imposing granite walls of Raasay House stand on the stunningly beautiful Isle of Raasay near Skye, off the west coast of Scotland. Historically the seat of the Macleod clan, the original house was burned down in 1746 only a year after it was built in retribution for […]

A Gift Wrapped Future: with Chantel and James Villiers

Interview with Hoffman Graduates Chantel and James Villiers Chantel, a nurse and James, a chef, ran into some relationship issues early in their marriage when Chantel was carrying their first child. Chantel’s uncle, Simon Donnelly, suggested that the Hoffman Process might bring them both some clarity. Thanks to his financial assistance, they have now both […]

The Power of Unconditional Love: with Oliver James

The Power of Unconditional Love Unconditional Love Can Reset Your Brain Chemistry. Interview with Oliver James. Oliver James is a clinical psychologist, author and broadcaster. He did the Process in 2006. After the success of his book They F**k You Up which explains how our childhood experiences can influence our parenting styles, he has now […]

Learning Through the Body: with Ged Ferguson

With Expert Comment from Body Psychotherapist Tim Brown Intuition: Sometimes we hit a crossroads in our life and it isn’t clear which direction we should take. At such times it’s useful to have developed a strong connection to what you may call your gut instinct or inner guidance. As our body carries a memory of […]

Homecoming: with Gina Lazenby

Interview with Hoffman UK Founder Tim Laurence Gina Lazenby, who took part in the first Process organised by the UK Hoffman Institute in September 1995, is best known as the founder of the Feng Shui Society, the original place to publicise Feng Shui in this country. She is the author of the Simple Feng Shui, […]

Body Confidence: with Lina Ghazal and Candida De Mel

With Expert Comment from Psychologist and Author, Anni Townend Self-Esteem and Body Confidence: The most important models for how we care for ourselves and how we view our body originate from childhood experiences and the media. For example, as children we may find that we gain most approval from looking after others so we learn […]

The Healing Power of Anger: with Tony Hertz and Viv Chamberlin-Kidd

Expert Comment from Hoffman Teacher and Psychotherapist, Simon Matthews ‘Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die’ goes the saying and indeed toxic thoughts create toxic relationships. Denying this very natural human emotion doesn’t help – treating it as a signal that something needs to be dealt with, does. The […]

Ancestral Grief: with Anke Green

With Comment from Family Constellation expert Gaye Donaldson Many of us spend time unpacking our childhood baggage as an adult, as part of our journey to maturity. However, there is increasing awareness that we may not just be the sum of our childhood conditioning, we can also be influenced by ancestral memories of unresolved events […]

Recipe For Love: with Carina Cooper

Carina Cooper is a chef who has written regularly for Harpers and Queen magazine and the Evening Standard, as well as being the successful author of ‘Notting Hill Cook’ and ‘The After Work Cook’. She did the Hoffman Process in August 2004. Making Peace with the Past I first came across the Process when I […]

Feeling Stuck? Get Creative: with Louise Wannier and Will Black

With Expert Comment from Career Coach, Rachel Brushfield Many of us have moments when we get fed up with our work – but when what we used to love becomes a ‘daily grind’ and we can’t wait for the weekend to arrive, it’s time to do something about it. Life is too short to wish it […]

Small Steps to a Big Vision: with Ben Shuckburgh

On his 42nd birthday Ben Shuckburgh received a surprise no one would ever wish for – throat cancer. Yet little more than two years later, driving at top speeds of almost 150 mph, Ben fulfilled a life-long dream and took the chequered flag at the prestigious Freddie March Trophy race at Goodwood in his hand-restored […]

It’s All About Me: with Eleanor Moran

Eleanor Moran’s career as a TV Producer may have been an obvious choice for someone whose early life was full of drama. Rather less obvious was the impact this had on her relationships and her choice of romantic partners. In a bid to understand and heal her own story Eleanor found the voice for her […]

Finding Your Voice: with Denise Quinlan

For 23 years Denise Quinlan’s work included business development, marketing, sales and partnering roles for IT companies. Caught in a high-pressure corporate environment driven by quarterly targets, she began to question what it was all about. Two years and one amazing road-trip later, her days couldn’t be more different. ‘In my 20s, I was the […]

Taking the Drama Out Of a Crisis: with Jay Green

Director of Drama at Brighton College Jay Green’s teaching career began in a classroom in Surrey in 1989. Now he’s the Director of Drama at Brighton College and in this interview he reflects on how doing the Hoffman Process in 2013 has affected work and family dynamics – with a little help from his teenage […]

It’s Never Too Late: with Betty Hughes

In 1998 Betty did one of the earliest UK Processes and has been one of its greatest supporters ever since. Whenever someone asks if it’s too late to do the Process because they’re ‘too old to change’ Betty’s bright blue eyes and radiant smile come to mind. Twelve years after she did the Process, at […]

Freedom From Conflict: with Sammy Leslie

Growing up in a culture that is out of step with our family’s beliefs or in circumstances of political or religious conflict can have a huge impact on how we learn to cope with the world around us. The Process can help us to see how such circumstances play out in our adult life and show us how to integrate our conflicting outer and inner experiences so that we feel more whole and at peace.

Against All Odds: with Aidan Campbell

Aidan Campbell was a successful business consultant with a lifelong passion for self development. When he was diagnosed with a brain tumour he needed all his resources to bring himself back from the brink. Here’s his prescription for a happy, fulfilling life.

Let Your Body Do The Talking: with Anwar Ravjani

Article by Somatic Bodyworker & Holistic Therapist Anwar Ravjani Holistic therapist Anwar Ravjani has trained in many massage styles and complementary therapies including homeopathy, acupuncture, NLP, counselling and energy healing work such as Reiki. His work is now an integration of all these different threads, working with what the body holds and how it holds […]

Eight Days to Change Your Life: with Dr Dov B. Stein

What is the Hoffman Process..? What, you may ask, is the Hoffman Process? In a nutshell, it is the Rolls Royce of all personal development workshops, the workshop to end all workshops. The Hoffman Process was founded by Bob Hoffman, and so far over 80,000 people have done the course worldwide. It is rapidly gaining […]

Easy Living: Lesley Garner clears the clutter

An excerpt from Lesley’s full article, which originally appeared in Easy Living Magazine “The effect of the Hoffman process on me was to leave me energised and fizzing with ideas, lovely creative ideas which would take me off in new directions and turn my life from monochrome to Technicolor. But somehow, life kept on happening. […]

Psychologies Magazine: Interview with Mairi Russell

An excerpt from the full article, which originally appeared in Psychologies Magazine “Each month, we investigate the best therapies on offer. This month – how the Hoffman Process can kick-start your life. “I’ve never found it easy to get out of an emotional rut. Even when I knew I had a lot to be grateful […]

Joan Borysenko Ph.D: The Therapy that Changed my Life…

“The Hoffman Process is the most comprehensive, effective program for healing the wounds of childhood that I have yet encountered.” by Joan Borysenko Ph.D – Article courtesy of Hoffman Institute, USA My 23-year old son Justin and I were sitting at the kitchen table late one night. Max, our Rottweiler, was curled at our feet. […]

The Spirit of Success, Norman Drummond

How to Connect Your Heart to Your Head in Work and Life From the gangland areas of Glasgow and Edinburgh as a young Minister to the present day as a celebrated international speaker and author, Norman Drummond’s life and work embodies a personal commitment to leadership and to developing talent in others. Norman is Founder […]

Give Yourself Permission to Live Your Life: Priya Rana Kapoor

How often do you do something for the sheer joy of doing it? Never mind if it achieves anything or has a point to it – it’s just glorious fun. For Priya Kapoor guilt-free fun was a distant memory until she did the Hoffman Process in 2009. With a Master’s degree in counselling psychology, and […]

Weathering the Storm: Rachel Kelly

In 1997 Times journalist and working mother Rachel Kelly descended with shocking suddeness from a state of mild anxiety into a state of disabling depression. Over the next six years she gradually began to recover but was then hit by another bout of depression even worse than the first. She’s now sharing her moving and inspiring story of recovery in her recently published book Black Rainbow in the hope of helping others.

Stepping Off the Treadmill – Stuffocation

After Strategy Director Thiru Wallman did the Hoffman Process in 2009 she came back feeling much more confident about starting a family with her husband James, a journalist and trend forecaster. James did the Process two months later and in 2013, when their little girl was two, the couple decided to ‘go for the dream […]

How to Survive and Thrive – From Therapy to Therapist

From Therapy to Therapist Back in 2000 I was the mother of two teenage children, feeling, as many do in their early 40’s, a lack of meaningful achievement, a sense of time running out, and a burning question…who am I? On the surface my life looked good. But the truth was that I was struggling […]

Irish Independent: Victoria Mary Clarke, freedom from the heart

Excerpt from an article in the Irish Independent “Hoffman works… The first thing I noticed was euphoria, intense euphoria. As if a permanent grey cloud had been lifted, I started waking up feeling enthusiastic about life in a totally new way. The second thing I noticed was that I wasn’t obsessing about what other people […]

The Times: Amy Jenkins, the meaning of life

An excerpt from Amy’s full article, which originally appeared in The Times “I found it marvellous to just let go and give myself over to the ride. It’s quite rare in adult life to have everything arranged for you, to let somebody else drive and not even know where you’re going. In that sense I […]