Sheri JacobsonSheri Jacobson is Clinical Director of Harley Therapy, with 22 years of her own therapy under her belt. Touched by the difference she saw in her own family after they did Hoffman, curiosity won out and she decided to take the course.

In my cab ride home from the Hoffman Process, I felt elevated, radiating with confidence and contentment. I recall wondering how long that feeling would last. Two years on, and I would say that a similar sentiment still applies.

So how did this come about? Why did I, after 22 years of being in individual therapy and practicing as a psychotherapist for over a decade, consider the Hoffman Process? It actually didn’t take much to convince me – both my parents had been on separate Processes and were extolling its virtues. I was apprehensive about leaving my burgeoning therapy clinic, having rarely taken breaks since its inception in 2006, not even for a day’s rest during my maternity. The timing of the course seemed right for me – it was close to Christmas, one of the quieter periods at work, so I felt I would be in a better place to engage, knowing that little would need my urgent attention.

I usually prefer one-to-one interaction – tête-à-têtes with friends and peer-to-peer reviews rather than team meetings – so the thought of spending time as a part of a group was daunting to me. As it turned out, being in a group was one of the most valuable experiences I gained from the Process. I was also struck by the outstanding level of teacher support. As a Clinical Director I recruit psychotherapists and psychologists with exceptionally high standards, so I was initially curious about the quality of the facilitators. By the end of the course, I had seen how professional and emotionally attentive the Hoffman team are, which is confirmation of their excellent skill and dedication.

Expert Guidance

Although my reason for embarking on the course was exploratory and geared towards self-improvement, I was also interested in improving my interpersonal relationships. Over the course of a week, these were explored in depth with layer upon layer of understanding and fresh perspective. I was surprised that I processed further residual childhood issues in a way that was more hands-on / experiential than in personal therapy. I am very grateful for the added closure I gained on old wounds.

Since returning from the course, one of my closest friends observed that I had changed – she commented that I was stronger and more confident. I too felt this self-acceptance and sense of ease in relation to others. I attribute this to having a space to voice, share and be accepted by others. Hoffman offered a safe practice arena for testing out new ways of being that I then transferred, with great results, to the outside world.

Giving Back

The effects were even more resounding than could be hoped for. Not only have I begun to improve my personal relationships and work on being a better mother, partner and friend, but I also developed a desire to be a better member of society. Since completing Hoffman, I have solidified my life goal of wanting to reduce emotional suffering worldwide, and improve individuals’ wellbeing on a larger scale. To this effect, I created a new community, which is a curated network of quality therapists, helping individuals with everything from complex psychological conditions to life coaching and self-development. The whole business – though powered by cutting edge technology – is wrapped in a blanket of love and fun. I not only care about and deeply respect my colleagues, but we enjoy each other’s company and celebrate failures (as springboards to growth) as well as successes.

How has the Process enhanced my life? No end! It planted a big seed of love and growth that is continuing to flourish within me. I adopted some of the practices that I learned on the course and use them on a regular basis. I’ve recommended Hoffman to friends, family and colleagues and continue to do so.

A Confidence Trick

To those reading this, I’d offer one simple suggestion to help love yourself and be more loving in relationships that I took away with me. It centres around the practice of gratitude. On a daily basis, try vocalising the things you value and appreciate, no matter how small. Integrate this into your life at a particular time of day to make it a habit. Try it and see how it works for you… or attend Hoffman and you’ll get a chance to put into practice – that and so much more.

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