Structural Engineer and Hoffman grad Ed HodgeMy life was very busy, intense, tiring and frustrating. I had so much hope for my future and had achieved a lot but I couldn’t see or feel that. I lived my daily life with anxiety, fear of judgement and a struggle with low self-esteem. I just couldn’t relax, and I felt responsible for a lot of things I faced, especially around my family. So I decided to do the Hoffman Process.

It’s had an indescribable amount of impact on my life. I view and experience life so differently now, through what I am able to see, think, feel and choose. I am a much calmer person because of this and I’m now able to pick out beauty in the world around me that seemed non-existent before.
The Process has helped me realise the importance of self-love, self-acceptance and taking care of myself. I am now able to experience a relationship with my family with deep understanding, compassion and care, which was too painful and simply not possible before. I strive for a healthy work/life balance, and am really able to step back and take things as they come.

This Process is like nothing else: uncovering, seeing, feeling, setting free and changing your life and others’ in a way that will always be hard to put into words. Experiencing this at a young age opens your perspective and opportunities for your whole life in front of you.

I’d say to someone else of my age who’s asking themselves what their future holds, ‘Go for it!’ No matter what your current situation is, your upbringing, what you have or haven’t been through, it’s a life-changing experience – and having the opportunity to do it at this age is so exciting. You have your whole life in front of you, one which could be positively shaped and could lead you to a path you may only have dreamed of.

Ed is featured in the 2018 issue of Hoffman magazine. To order a FREE copy for yourself, friends or family, click here.