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Monday 01 June

We are following UK government advice in relation to coronavirus, and have cancelled or postponed the following events during April, May and June.

We are offering lots of wonderful online events with no charge. However if you are enjoying the Hoffman connection then you’re welcome to ‘pay what you feel’. Your contributions can really make a difference to us being able to continue to provide workshops and webinars.

All participants registered on postponed courses and events will be contacted individually by the Hoffman team. Please continue to check our website for further updates as we continue to review each future Hoffman event on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Hoffman Process?

The Hoffman Process is a seven-day residential course that helps you discover who you really are, freeing you to make conscious choices that will improve your relationships with the people around you. During the Process you will be taught tools and techniques to help you change the old behavioural patterns that are preventing you from feeling fully alive.

It works

The Process has been established for more than 50 years, in 15 countries, and has benefitted more than 100,000 people from all walks of life. It is recommended by many medical and health professionals, and has been the subject of scientific research. People come out of the Process with a deep experience of their own resilience, a greater sense of life’s possibilities, and ready to embrace change. On this website we have numerous stories that you can read from people who have done the Process and how it has benefitted them. Interested? Call us and find out more, or come along to one of our Information events.

It’s up to you

The Hoffman Process is intensive, transformational work experienced in a small group setting. Because it requires a commitment to lasting change, we recommend you only do the course if and when you’re ready. Our friendly enrolment team are on hand to help you to decide whether the Process is right for you at this time in your life, or you can read more here.

We’ll be there for you afterwards

After doing the Process, you’ll be part of a worldwide support network and community there to help you sustain the achievements you made on the course.  Throughout the year, we also offer short top-up courses if you want to deepen or extend your Process journey.

What people say…

‘I think my generation can tend towards introversion. Social media encourages such a lot of comparison and spin. When we look out at our screens we can forget that there’s an ‘in’. As a result many of us have disconnected from any sense of ourselves having a spiritual aspect which can lead to isolation. The Process allowed me to find spirituality in a new way and now I never feel alone.  I don’t think anything could have quite done it for me like Hoffman did.’  Hoffman Graduate Stella Talpo

The Resident: Trish Lesslie is serious about change

“I came out the same person, but the shift in my attitude has made a huge difference. I’m less stressed, more patient and forgiving and my relationships are better for it.” [Reproduced from www.theresident.co.uk with permission of the author]  

Attitude Magazine: Matthew Todd finding peace

“The Hoffman Process may sound like the stuff of nightmares for us British, who apparently hate talking about our feelings, but we all needed this… The most powerful single thing that I did in my ongoing journey of recovery. It was emotional and magical and I learned a lot about how important it is to […]

Dr Gabor Maté

Dr Gabor Maté - Addiction Specialist and Author

hoffman_h“For those willing to commit to themselves to the Hoffman Process, the results are abundant.”
Katie Perry talks Hoffman in Australian Vogue

Katy Perry - Singer, songwriter

hoffman_h“I recommend it to everyone…”
Oliver James

Oliver James - Psychologist & Author

hoffman_hThis unique course has a hugely impressive record for helping individuals achieve lasting emotional growth. Nothing else comes close.
Marianne Power

Marianne Power, Author and Journalist

hoffman_h“I thought I needed to fix myself before anyone would love me. At Hoffman I learned that this was not the case.”
Goldie speaks about Hoffman

Goldie - Actor and DJ

hoffman_h“If you’ve tried everything then this Process is the one to try. I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the Hoffman Process.”

Watch an intro to Hoffman here:

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Post-Process Events

Your Hoffman journey doesn’t end after seven days. If you’ve already done the Process, click here for a calendar of Post-Process Hoffman events, including the Q2 Mini-Process, Reconnection Days, Welcome Home, One-Day Workshops, Closure Dinners, the Hoffman French Retreat and regional meet-ups.

The Hoffman Process is accredited for CPD

Accredited for CPD Course 21746