Actress Ellie Nunn

Photo credit: Charlie Carter

I turned up on the first day of the course feeling like an abject failure, barely able to make eye contact with the people around me. It was as though the expectations I had put on myself were physically weighing me down and crushing me. I was endlessly crying that I felt lost and hopeless and I was living in denial, emotionally self-harming.

I came away at the end of the week feeling brave, powerful, excited by life, and loved. The support that surrounded me and continues to surround me is invaluable.

Six months on from doing the Hoffman Process, I feel more positive and healthy than ever before, with such increased awareness that it is difficult for me to get into an argument or get upset without thinking myself out of it almost immediately. By checking in with myself and looking at my own behaviour, I’m able to spot old habits in an instant and I find I have no problem owning them and moving forward. Those close to me see me as brighter, more straightforward and more optimistic. It’s strengthened family bonds and brought back so much of the laughter in my relationships that I had lost sight of in recent years.

I still have a lot of demons to face up to and a lot of work to do, but Hoffman well and truly set me sailing off down the right course, surrounded by so much love and looking life in the eyes.


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