Aussie Natalie Ledwell is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, Law of Attraction guru, host of The Inspiration Show and Wake Up TV! and co-founder of the revolutionary Personal Development company Mind Movies.

Natalie did the Hoffman Process in White Sulphur Springs, California.

Natalle Ledwell“I remember clearly being in the rental car from the airport in San Francisco up to the ‘resort’ centre. I was feeling really sick. I thought I would have to ask the driver to pull over because I was so nauseous and terrified. I spent the previous week completing 44 pages of not only identifying my patterns, but my parents’ patterns. As an adult, I had gotten to a point in my life where I thought I had moved past the anger, and past hating them. I didn’t want to go back and feel the five or six- year- old version of that pain; I didn’t want to face it. But, I had so many friends who had completed the Hoffman Process before me that had came out as completely different people. So I trusted that the Process would also work for me.

The best piece of advice going into the Hoffman experience was to surrender to the exercises, instructions, and guidance. You can’t mess it up anyway, because the instructors are skilled in identifying resistance.

Upon getting there and getting to meet my classmates, I was still feeling nervous, even though I’m a confident person. However, the anonymity was liberating. It was actually very freeing not to share with people what I do for a living. It’s such a great rule for us to follow because it means that everyone in the class is on an even playing field and there are no preconceived judgments. We are free to really get in and do the work.

Obviously, I won’t go into details about the work itself. What I can say is that most of the exercises were very insightful and extremely expansive. For someone who has been teaching transformation for nearly a decade, that’s a huge claim to make.

There were some exercises where my initial reaction was to question, “really”? I would resume with the exercise anyway, allowing myself to pretend in the beginning to do them, realising that even that was the right decision. As I allowed myself to pretend, I would eventually get into the energy of the exercise where some of the deepest breakthroughs occurred. Some of them were so surprising and so shocking, but they offered complete relief and “big-picture” understanding.

Hoffman was the best program I’ve ever completed that has really helped me understand who I am, helped me empathise with everyone else and supported me in truly making peace with my family and ex-husband. I was able to cultivate such a loving and respectful relationship with everyone who is important to me.

So, like my friends, I also walked away from Hoffman a completely different person. My friends nicknamed me Nat 2.0. Everything that I learned and embodied in Hoffman has permeated through my work and every relationship that I have in my life now.”

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