emma-carlton1Unlike many of us, losing weight is one issue that Hoffman graduate Emma Carlton no longer struggles with. After years battling with overeating and sometimes losing a substantial amount, only to put it back on, Emma did the Process in September 2005. Both during her Process and in the months following Emma realised how much of the weight was due to suppressed childhood anger.

As she did the Process follow-on work in communicating understanding and compassion, first with her mother in December that year, then in May 2006 with her father whom she hadn’t seen for 14 years, she felt more and more prepared to let go of her physical baggage.

Where Healthy Eating Started

Emma felt her catalyst for healthy eating began at Florence House where she did her Process. The course was tiring and she realised the mostly vegetarian wholesome, nourishing food helped keep up her energy. She says now that food is always a choice for her, in Process terms it’s choosing the left or the right road.

In June 2006 Emma began following the programme Slimming Together with Joanne Reid Rodrigues in Jersey. Much more than a weightloss programme it continued to build on the lessons of self-esteem, self-worth and good nutritional choice she had learned on the Process. Slim at Home Magazine heard about her weight loss success and an article was born.

emma-carlton-dps-happy2Finding Inner Confidence

At her Process Emma had become aware of her tendency to fade into the background. Three years on she stood at the article photoshoot and looked into the camera with a confidence she could never have imagined. In that moment she felt such an inner connection she knew that she could create whatever she wanted.

Her mother had flown down from Durham to be with her at the photoshoot in London and when the magazine came out her father was staying with her. Emma was worried in case her parents felt blamed, which was not the case, whereas the article opened up an honest conversation with her dad which brought them closer. It felt like her Process had come full circle.

Since then she has taken part in a weekend workshop with fellow Hoffman graduate and nutrition expert Patrick Holford, appeared on a TV cookery programme and met inspirational author Dan Millman who has followed her journey.

In her own words: After a lifetime battling with overeating the Process finally helped me understand the root cause. Losing the 6 stone was a ‘gift’ because I was doing it for myself and not to please somebody else. Since then my life has taken off in directions I could never have imagined before the Process.