Q2: 3-Day Refresher

Q2: 3-Day Refresher

Charney Manor

The Q2 is a three-day residential refresher exclusively for Hoffman Process graduates. It allows you space and time to fully reconnect to your Quadrinity and to focus your Hoffman lens on anything that might still be getting in the way of you living the best version of your life.

Perhaps you’ve recently found yourself back in pre-Process patterns, tuning in to your Dark Side or even drifting off down the Left Road? The demands of day-to-day life or a situation outside of your control might have knocked your Vision off course. Or perhaps you have a new awareness of specific issues you’d like to address around parenting, work, health, family or relationships. Whatever may have changed for you since you left the Process, the Q2 provides an opportunity to get curious, get to work and actively recommit to your positive future.

You can choose to do the Q2 with a partner, family member, Hoffman buddy or friend as long as they are Hoffman graduates as well, and work on any new issues that are coming up in your life today. If your original Process group are still in touch, this is a great opportunity to reconnect and continue your Hoffman journey together.

A £400 deposit will reserve your place on our November Q2.

Event Venue Date
Q2 at Charney Manor, 2-4 November: Available Charney Manor
  • November 2, 2024 9:30 am

If you’re not able to attend our next Q2 date, our Summer Retreat in Bordeaux in June may also be of interest. For more information, click here

What people say

‘What I got post-process is a pathway forwards, and further support. What I got from the Q2 was insight, inspiration, acceptance, and tools. Now I feel I have everything I need to dissolve those issues myself.’ ~ Q2 participant
‘Thank you yet again for helping find my strength, faith and love for myself and others around me. Q2 helped me become lighter inside… I also laughed ’til I cried!!’ ~ Q2 participant

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