Madina, Hoffman EssentialsHow did you hear about Hoffman?

I first became aware of Hoffman at a coffee house in New York. I ended up chatting to someone who was interested in inner healing work and they mentioned Hoffman. Over the next year I looked at various types of self-discovery work and Hoffman kept popping up. I wanted to find something where I really had to show up. It’s almost as if I was meant to find Hoffman.

What interested you most about what Hoffman had to offer?

Various things appealed – having specific tools to work with and I admired the people who talked about it on their podcasts. It felt like being part of something quite special. People work with Hoffman because they really want to and they are prepared to do the work on themselves. I thought, ‘when else do you really get time to pause and allow yourself the time and space to dedicate to yourself and your personal development?’

How did you feel before the weekend?

I felt excited about doing the course and I went in with a sense of positive intention. I was clear that I was giving myself permission to be open-minded and ‘give’ a lot and I felt I would be in safe hands to do that. I was also realistic that it wasn’t going to totally change my life in two days, but that it would put me on a path in the right direction.

What did you learn and what did you take away from the Essentials weekend?

On a practical level, I learned about various tools that could help me in my daily life. An additional bonus was the workbook itself which was extremely useful on both the course and afterwards as a reference/reminder of what we learnt.

Perhaps the most powerful thing for me was being in a room (albeit a virtual one) with other people sharing and being open about their pain and vulnerability. The fact that the people in the group really ‘showed up’ allowed me to have real compassion for others and, just as importantly, for myself. I loved the pace, tone and music that was used on the course. I now re-play one of the music tracks to take me back to that warm, mellow place that I found on the Essentials.

I took away a number of wonderful things. Firstly, I became part of an amazing tribe of people who were on the course and were all there because they were committed to change. It really warmed my heart that there are other people out there that are dealing with difficult stuff in their lives/who’ve been through the mill and are still trying to improve themselves. It is also great to be part of the Hoffman community. I felt like I’d been enveloped in a big quilted blanket and was in front of an open fire on an autumn day with a hot chocolate. Hoffman combines all elements of the self – the mind, the body, the emotional self and the spirit – a true introspective journey.

How was the facilitation of the course for you?

With both of the facilitators, I felt very comfortable talking to them and opening up. They created an atmosphere of calmness and kindness and were also very knowledgeable. Throughout the whole weekend I felt understood, listened to and valued. The overriding feeling was one of being cared for. I did initially worry that cultural differences might get in the way, but this didn’t happen at all and there was a good mix of ages, gender and backgrounds on the course.

How would you describe your feelings at the end of the course?

Overall, I felt rested, relaxed and calm. I also felt empowered and grounded. There was a confidence around having some new tools to work with and I felt really energised about using these going forward in my life both on a personal and professional level.

What’s happened since you did the Essentials course?

I have continued to be more self-aware of my behaviour and feelings and what might be driving these. I use several of the tools and have been struck by the simplicity of these and how easy they are to employ in everyday life. None of it is rocket science and you can use the techniques when and wherever you like. Hoffman reminded me that we all have it within us to change; it allowed me to start ‘letting life in’.

I feel extremely grateful to have my new tribe. We have a very active Whatsapp group and provide support and suggestions to one another. It is both profoundly humbling and comforting to have this group and fostered meaningful friendships. I really understand now what Bob Hoffman was saying in the statement ‘If you bring peace to yourself/ you can bring peace to others.’ The tools that I use regularly help me answer the question ‘How is this helping me/serving me?’

How do you think Hoffman compares to other self-development courses you’ve done in the past or have heard about?

It’s weird as I believe that Hoffman came to me at a time that was right for me and I am so grateful for my calling for a new chapter. I feel it is unique in that all of the Hoffman work centres back to ‘me’. Other offerings can become more about other people/other things which isn’t always helpful. I like the fact that Hoffman is backed by science and research and that you are provided with many tools to work with and that it isn’t positioned as a quick fix but as a ‘process’.

For me, it’s a guiding compass in my journey to inner healing and the start of a real commitment to facilitating a positive self-growth. I truly believe if we can better ourself, we can be better to others and collectively be better together. Last but not least, Hoffman offers a genuine emotional investment in all participants who take part and displays real care and compassion towards them.

What would I say to anyone thinking about doing the course?

I am so happy you have discovered Hoffman and found the courage to do some incredible meaningful introspection work that will hugely be beneficial to yourself. I’d encourage you to keep an open mind and heart – and be intentional on your commitment to do the work during the course as it’s truly a privilege to give yourself the investment of self-growth.

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