The Science

Why it works

The Hoffman Process is consistent with recent and mainstream scientific disciplines and evidence-based therapies, and it is organised in a structured, educational format. Some of the Hoffman Process core assumptions are described here, along with corresponding scientific evidence.

Oliver James

Clinical Psychologist & Author

This unique course has a hugely impressive record for helping individuals achieve lasting emotional growth. In my opinion, nothing else comes close.

Lois Evans

Psychotherapist, London

The Hoffman Process is the fast track to self-awareness, self-understanding and ultimately to self-mastery. I recommend it to approximately 80% of my clients with consistently positive results.

David Deitch. Ph.D.

National Institute of Mental Health Consultant

In a world of countless therapies, it is significant to find one that is without question the most focused, organised, systematic, time-limited and helpful.

Read scientific reports about the Hoffman Process

Science and the Hoffman Process: reviewing existing research

A review of studies done on the Hoffman Process by Dr Maria Camara, MSc, PhD

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2003 University of California Grant Research Study
A three year grant research study that confirms the efficacy and lasting benefits of the Hoffman Process.

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The Windhausen Study on the effectiveness of the Hoffman Process
Control study of the effectiveness of the Process by German psychologist Christiane Windhausen

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The Emotional Competence and Leadership Study at Harvard
35 students from Harvard participated in the Process and completed a measured assessment, 2008.

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Comparing The Hoffman Process and Schema Therapy
Is schema therapy effective within the Hoffman Process and how does it compare to behavioural therapy?

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The Caldwell Report on the Hoffman Process
A comprehensive scientific research study on the Process conducted by Alex B. Caldwell, Ph.D. and Curtis S Hileman, Ph.D.

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Guidance for therapists and health professionals

If you are a healthcare professional who has been asked about Hoffman by one of your clients, you will find more in-depth information on our ‘Guidelines for Professionals’ page here.

Scientists and health professionals speak about Hoffman

Elise J. Katch, M.A., M.S.W.

Clinical Social Worker

The Process profoundly changed my life. I became more competent, creative and highly functional. There was a tremendous burst of creative energy. My practice increased and my work took on new dimensions. The world is different after the Process – less threatening. The Process continues to work each day. The effects grow stronger, instead of weaker. The Hoffman Process is a flight of life that continues to grow.

Asher Quinn

Jungian Therapist, London

I wanted to pass on my thanks and congratulations to the Hoffman team. I sent a client of mine who has visibly benefited hugely from the Process.

Gerald Kogan, Ph.D.

International Gestalt & Body Therapist

The Process touched me in a way I’d never before experienced in any therapy: patiently, confrontingly, lovingly, guiding me to and through my own learned negativity. I continue to unfold and ripen. I am discovering the endlessness of loving.

Stefan Chmelik

New Medicine Group, Harley Street, London

I found the Hoffman Process to be a rare thing – a combination of compasssion, intelligence and great skill. The teachers manage to hold a group of people so that they feel both secure and well contained during a very complex and challenging time. The benefits for me were immediate and continue to develop with time. It is one of the most enjoyable weeks I have spent in my life!

Shawn Katz

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

I found the Hoffman Process to be an incredibly powerful programme for personal change. It provides both the experience and tools necessary for emotional transformation and freedom from negative patterns. It also provides the potential for deeper connection to one’s spiritual self and compassionate heart.

Lee Sannella, M.D.


It is a thorough and exhaustive procedure which can save people a lot of time in growing… Those who have been disappointed in other searches can find what they are looking for here.

Derek Draper, M.A.

Clinical Psychology

The Hoffman Process does have the power to free you to re-evaluate your life. I would say it’s the equivalent to about a year’s good weekly psychotherapy. I can honestly say that at times I experienced a sense of wholeness that, even today, six years later, I remember as a benchmark for how my life can be at its best.

Hawkins Mitchell, Ph.D.

Psychologist & Writer

My life changes have been so many and so fast occurring that it is impossible to describe them here. Suffice it to say that after the Process I told myself that I’d left something important behind, that I’d changed. Only later did I realise that it was not so much that I’d left something behind, but that I’d started something, a new life. This is not the axiom of the glass half empty or half full. Rather it is about a road appearing and a road thus taken where before there was no road (nor landscape).

Anni Townend

Business Psychologist & Author

The benefits of the Hoffman Process for people and for business are huge. I recommend it wholeheartedly as a personal and professional journey to all HR Professionals looking for a course that will make a long lasting difference to their people and to their business success.

Janet Mules, M.D.


The Hoffman Process really made a dramatic difference. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good. There have been bad moments but they have been moments and precious few at that. And those I have are easily handled… For me the Process has continued to expand and grow. There have been instances of increasing awareness, the “aha” phenomenon and growth which has led to so much more inner peace and feeling of freedom. It’s wonderful.

Claudio Naranjo, M.D.

Psychiatrist & Author

If one wanted to create a synthesis integrating psychodynamic, transpersonal, humanistic, and behaviouristic ingredients in individual psychotherapies, one could hardly originate a better product than the Hoffman Process, a method which takes only eight days… Hoffman is the best method I know for the realignment of relationships with parents and parent surrogates and, more generally, a powerful tool in the service of the development of love for self and others.

Jack Downing, M.D.


While my personal benefit has been considerable, I have also observed the important benefit to others… Indeed, of the many therapies and awareness methods I have studied during the past thirty years, the Hoffman Process stands out as the most comprehensive and the most effective… It’s a practical, straightforward and useful therapeutic joining of the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical levels.