Getting the timing right

Getting the timing right: making sure you’re ready for the Process

The Hoffman Journey

One of the reasons so many people experience positive long-term outcomes from the Hoffman Process is the time we take to ensure that participants are fully prepared for what the course entails and that it’s a fit with their current circumstances. Enrolling on the Process does not necessarily guarantee you a place on the course.

To provide maximum benefit, the Process requires a certain level of stability, maturity and emotional robustness. In certain circumstances, this may mean that we suggest you engage in one-to-one therapy or other personal growth work before reapplying to do the course at a later date.

The Process is not:

  • one-to-one therapy,
  • designed to target a particular issue,
  • intended to help manage an immediate crisis.

The timing of the Process and your readiness to benefit from it are very important. If we feel that delaying your participation is the best course of action for you, we’re often able to refer you to appropriate therapists or practitioners who are familiar with Process and who can let us know when they feel you’re ready. The reason that we have a preliminary chat with you and ask you to fill out the initial enrolment form is to help us with this assessment, so please be as honest as possible.

Areas we’d be looking at that may delay or preclude your participation or where we’d need a more detailed discussion include:

  • if you’re currently mentally, emotionally or physically fragile
  • if you’re in an especially challenging situation
  • if you’re taking certain medications at certain dosages
  • if you’ve had past trauma that still carries a strong charge for you
  • if you’ve recently suffered a significant bereavement
  • if you’re still young and/or haven’t spent time living independently of the family home
  • if you’re pregnant and in the first or third trimester. We’re only able to offer a place in the second trimester of pregnancy – months 4,5, and 6
  • if you are challenged by sitting with strong feelings without reacting impulsively

If you’re in active addiction, have an active eating disorder, are feeling suicidal or are self-harming we’d need to go into more detail with you to find a way forward that may include the Process as a goal at a later date.

If any of the above apply to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to do the Process, just that we need to have a discussion about your readiness. Please be assured that any conversations are absolutely confidential and are always aimed at ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

More questions?

There are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions here.You can also email or call the office on +44 (0)1903 88 99 90 to speak to one of the enrolment team.

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