additional patterns

Additional Pattern Exploration

If your enrolment form or pre-course work reveals a focus on patterns related to a specific issue, our enrolment team may ask you to complete an additional pattern exploration.

Below you will find a list of the explorations we currently offer. Please note that a copy of the information you provide will be sent to us as well as to you on submission, so please only complete the explorations that the team have suggested you do.

Absent parents – for those who wish to explore the impact of having an absent, deceased or abandoning parent. Click here

Addiction Patterns – for those whose parents or surrogates may have had issues with addiction. Click here

Adoption patterns – for those who wish to explore the impact of adoption – Click here

Boarding school – for those who have patterns related specifically to their time a boarding school, or who wish to use their boarding school as a surrogate on their Process. Click here.

Military Patterns – for those who grew up with parents in the Forces. Click here

Spiritual community patterns – for those who grew up in a highly religious, overtly spiritual household or whose parents were part of a cult. Click here

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