Items to bring

Items to bring to the Hoffman Process:


Your pre-course work
You must bring a printed copy with you. If you submitted any additional patterns lists, don’t forget to print these off too. If you don’t have access to a printer, please call or email the office by 5pm on Thursday so we can print a copy for you.
UK office:+44(0) 1903 88 99 90 or email:
Irish office:+353(0) 1 820 88 44 22 or email

Photograph of you as a child
Please bring at least one photo of yourself as a child.

Mementos of your mother and father
These are objects that will help stimulate a positive memory of your parents, such as a photograph (a copy is fine if the original is sentimental), personal token, or any item, old or new that will remind you of that parent in a positive light. We’d suggest bringing three for each parent. If you have absolutely nothing, either draw a picture of something related or bring along something similar. Please do the same for your surrogates if you have any. Please put all your mementos together in a bag.

An alarm clock and a wristwatch (not a smartwatch), as you will not have use of your phone.

You will be given an MP3 player for your use during the week, so please bring a set of standard (non-bluetooth) headphones. If you don’t have any, we do carry a limited number of spares.

Bag identifier
You will be given a canvas Hoffman bag for your use throughout the week. Please bring something to tie around the handle that will identify it as yours, e.g. a scarf, handkerchief, ribbon, hair tie etc.

Covid Testing
We are asking everyone to do a Covid lateral flow test prior to coming to the Process at Florence House.

Please inform us immediately if you have a positive result. If you have any questions around this, please phone or email us.

If travelling from abroad, the government testing requirements may be different. Please keep up to date and follow the UK Government guidelines for entering the UK before attending your Process.


We recommend that you bring the following items for your comfort and convenience:

*** For socially-distanced Processes all participants will be issued with their own face visor, tissues and hand sanitiser. If you wish to bring extra personal protective equipment with you, you are very welcome to do so.***

  • Plenty of comfortable, casual loose clothes, especially clothes appropriate for exercise (sweatshirts, sweatpants, T-shirts, shorts etc). You will get hot and may wish to bring a couple of hand towels for your own use. There are no laundry facilities available on site.
  • Clothing appropriate for a casual festive occasion to wear for the closing ceremony.
  • All toiletries you will need for the week including shampoo and shower gel, as these are not provided by Florence House. There will be one towel change during the week but bring extra towels if you want to.
  • A hairdryer (if required)
  • A UK/Irish plug adaptor if you are coming from outside the UK/Ireland and will need to charge an electric razor, toothbrush etc, or if your alarm clock is electric.
  • A dressing gown/bath robe (bathrooms may be shared) and a pair of slippers or soft comfortable shoes (outdoor shoes are not permitted in the main group workspace).
  • A raincoat and/or umbrella and walking shoes/boots
  • The house will be heated on cold days, but you may want to bring extra warm clothes, scarves or a blanket, as we will have some windows open to help air circulation. These will also be useful when we are in the marquee for the expressive work.
  • Florence House can’t provide hot drinks after 7.30pm, so if you would like a hot drink in the evening, we recommend bringing a thermos with you.

Please be aware:

  • There are no shopping facilities available while on the course, so please come prepared for all eventualities. This includes toiletries as above, medication, painkillers, extra snacks, dietary substitutes, sun lotion if the weather is warm and cigarettes if you smoke.
  • With this in mind, If you are flying in from overseas, please ensure you carry a supply of any important medication in your hand luggage just in case your main luggage is delayed.
  • We will ask you to hand in mobile phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, cameras etc on the first morning. These will be kept securely at the venue during your stay. There is no need to bring reading material with you.
  • Please leave any valuables at home if possible or hand them in at registration along with your phone, laptop etc. Florence House aims to be a cash free venue, so you will not need to carry cash around with you.
  • In order to comply with our policy on student confidentiality and privacy, photography and recording equipment is not permitted at the venue from the time you arrive until the time you leave.

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