Negative Love

Negative Love

Childhood at the core: An introduction

Our early upbringing has a profound effect on our lives. Bob Hoffman recognised that as children we unconsciously adopt the negative behaviours, belief systems, moods, attitudes and insecurities of our caregivers in order to be loved. These patterns of behaviour pass from generation to generation, and it is only when we identify and deal with them that the cycle can be broken. Bob called this ‘Negative Love Syndrome’, and you can watch an introduction to negative love in a short video from our colleagues at Hoffman USA below.

The Hoffman Process teaches us how to release and resolve persistent negative behavioural patterns of feeling unloved and unlovable. We examine the major influences on our lives, trace the root of the adopted negativity, and release any pain, grief, anger, shame or resentment that has been stored there.

This absolutely doesn’t mean blaming our parents for everything that’s wrong in our lives. The ultimate aim of the Process is to help everyone reach forgiveness and acceptance for themselves and others, allowing for a more compassionate approach to personal relationships and family life.

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