Spending time in nature, to restore sense of peacefulness.

On the Process

Throughout your Process week, you may have found yourself stepping outside to have a few moments of fresh air on the grounds, noticing local birds and wildlife, and perhaps looking up at the sky for reassurance – a natural instinct to feel ‘held’ by nature and the wider natural elements.

On the Monday evening of your Process you stood around a bonfire, under the stars, for your fire ritual. 

After the Vindictiveness session you were invited to walk outside into the grounds, to experience fully ‘being’ outside, in nature. You were invited to find an object that represented your Spiritual Self.

Examples of spending time in nature as a practice 

Spending time in nature can feel nourishing, helping us to slow down and re-set, especially if we spend a lot of time indoors. Time in nature gives us a break from digital overload, which in itself can have a restorative effect on us.  As you may have noticed during your Process, being in nature can help us reconnect with our Spiritual Self.

  • Go for a hike, alone or with a friend. Ideally, see if you can switch your phone off during the hike so you can be fully present with your surroundings.
  • Sit or lie under a tree.
  • Go wild water swimming.
  • Incorporate some time in nature by going to a local park during your lunch-break or on your way home from work.
  • Slip your shoes off and walk bare foot on the grass.
  • Go camping, and sleep under the stars 
  • Get up early and watch the sunrise, or ensure you are outside in nature to enjoy a sunset.

Additional reading: An adventure back to self: by Forest Bathing guide and mindfulness coach Liz Dawes in our Process Stories.

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