An excerpt from Keith’s full article, which originally appeared in New You Magazine

“When you have reached a point in life when you are fed up with being fed up, and feel you could be more fulfilled, it becomes obvious that something is holding you back. If staying in the ‘trance’ of daily life is becoming intolerable, then maybe the prospect of getting away from it all to explore the Hoffman Process, a residential programme that fosters deep behavioural and attitudinal change may be an option. That’s what I did…

It has now been four months since I finished the Process, and yet I haven’t. It has become a lifelong learning, a way of life. The universe is still throwing out challenges – that are the essence of life. Some I have failed at the first hurdle, and with others I am managing them much better. Now when I lapse back into negative spirals my capacity to ‘pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on track’ is much swifter and less entrenched. For this I am grateful to the Hoffman Process.

The support from amongst my group has been tremendous, and Tim Lawrence himself is still checking in to see how we are doing. There are a lot of ‘post graduate’ and refresher activities that you can participate in to expand within the Hoffman community…”