Graduate Support Groups in Brighton

Hoffman facilitator Roxy HaydeGraduate Support Groups in Brighton

Join Hoffman facilitator Roxy Hayde for an evening in the company of other Hoffman graduates in Brighton.

The evening will offer the opportunity to check in, work through a tool or technique that you might not have used for a while and reconnect to your Process experience in the company of Hoffman grads new and old. Those who have done the Process overseas are also warmly invited to join if you’re planning to be in town.

Click on the orange Info/Register link by each date in the table below for further details and to book.

If you’re not able to attend Support Groups in person, why not join us on Zoom for a Masterclass, or log in to our Monday and Friday Quad Checks, led by different members of the Hoffman UK team.

Event Venue Date
Brighton Support Group - Monday 13 May Ralli Hall
  • May 13, 2024 7:30 pm

Post-Process support events take place regularly throughout the year. You can see a summary by date on the Post Process Events page here.

If you would like information on any of the events listed or help with registration and booking, you can contact the office by email or by telephone on (+44)1903 889 990