Hoffman graduate Luke Storey is a former Hollywood fashion stylist turned public speaker, broadcaster and entrepreneur. The Life Stylist is his weekly podcast, where Luke shares his ‘strategies for healing, happiness, and high-performance living.’
Since doing the Process in 2017, Luke says,
‘Life has changed drastically in the most positive sense… The Hoffman Process was one of the most profound experiences of my life, which is why I made it my mission after completing the program to share it.”
One of The Life Stylist’s most recent guests is our very own HoffmanUK co-founder Tim Laurence. From the nature of true forgiveness, and how to ‘accept the unacceptable’, to how you can salvage relationships you thought were beyond saving, they discuss topics such as childhood abuse, family roles and common patterns of resistance – including why compliance can block change. The interview lasts just over an hour.
To watch the interview on YouTube, click here, or to download it as a podcast, click here.