Through the help of Recycling, you can change habitual emotional reactions and create new possibilities of feelings, thoughts and behaviours. You can download our additional pattern sheet here and start listing the patterns you want to work on. You can also write down the authentic alternative that you experienced.

Identify the pattern you want to transform.

Close your eyes and relive a recent problem situation in which you demonstrated the adopted negative pattern.  In your mind’s eye play out the situation.  Allow your body to take on that pattern. Where do you feel the pattern in your body?  Place your hands there.

Pull the pattern out of your body – get it all out and into your hands.
Notice the colour, shape and texture of it.
Now start to transform it by moulding it like dough in your hands. Really work it, shape it and mould it. Faster and faster.
Notice it changing colour, shape and texture.
Rub the last of the pattern together in the flats of your palms and work up more energy.
See the transformed pattern as a ball of light energy between your hands.
Become aware of a positive message from the energy in your hands – it may come in the form of a colour, a shape, a symbol an image or a word.  Take the first thing that comes.
Now place the positive message back inside your body where the pattern was, and allow a sense of calm and tranquility to flow from that positive message. Turn up the dial, so the feeling spreads throughout your whole body.

Now having anchored a new feeling, replay that old situation, embodying that sense of peace and calm.  Allow yourself to visualise the old scenario with the new feeling.  Notice the ways in which you think, feel and behave differently.

Opening your eyes, take a moment to write down the positive message, symbol, colour or feeling – and the positive changes you noticed.

Keep it simple, and work with one big pattern morning and night for a few weeks. You may be turning around behaviours and automatic responses that have been entrenched for years, so be gentle with yourself as you try out your new way of being.

As a preventative tool, you can instead imagine a possible scenario in the future which may be a trigger for your pattern.  This is known as Pre-cycling.

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