We all make hundreds of choices every day. Some seem like small choices (‘shall I have a second cup of coffee?’) and some seem bigger (‘should I apply for that promotion?’) What they all have in common is that every choice we make is a mini-crossroads, with the potential to steer our reality in a new and different direction. At Hoffman, when we talk about taking the Left or the Right Road, what we’re really talking about is actively and consciously choosing which direction.

  • The Left Road is the familiar road of living out the patterns you learned in childhood. This road takes you back to your past again and again. On this road, the patterns are the author of your life – influencing what happens to you, how you handle change and how you face any obstacles.
  • The Right Road is a new road; one you explored during your Process week. The Right Road is the road of authenticity, where you live from your essence, your Spiritual Self, instead of your patterns. This road is one of choice and self-responsibility. You, and not your programmed patterns, are leading how you live your life.

Life will keep happening, with birth, death, surprises, loss, and joy. We cannot change this. But we can change how we meet life, how we handle the events and situations that come our way.

Right Road/Left Road on the Process

The Left Road and Right Road were introduced on the first day of your Process, when the Left Road will have felt very familiar and very real. You were then offered a choice point – having chosen to attend the Process, you were given the option to take a new road. Throughout the Process week you were reminded of this choice, as you moved away from being run by patterns to a place of self-responsibility. You became the author of your own life.

Using this tool Post-Process

Imagine you are standing at a crossroads and envisage going down the Left Road, the old familiar path of patterns.  Picture the consequences of doing so – the impact on your physical and emotional health, and the impact on those you love.

Then, go back to the crossroads and visualise your Spiritual Self. Imagine you, in your most beautiful form with the qualities of your Spiritual Self, going down the Right Road. Picture the consequences of choosing a new alternative supported by clarity, strength, love and wisdom. Then, as before, visualise the consequences of this choice for your physical health and strength, your relations to the important people in your life as well as your creative effect in your daily life.

Now make a conscious decision as to which path you choose. To reinforce your choices, put them in writing, and consider saving them in a place you can refer back to if you need to reinforce your decision.

  • You can download a blank Left Road map here and a Right Road map here.
  • There’s a checklist of additional tools that can help with Right Road choices here.

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