Hoffman App Support

Dear Hoffman App users – thank you for your download!

Update 18 December 2020: We are currently experiencing issues with the App for Android users. We appreciate your patience while the issues are resolved.

We’re very happy that the App is running very well in most cases for users of iPhone. However, we’re encountering a few cases in which some users are having some issues when running the App. Here are some helpful tips. If these don’t work for you please contact the technical team. (See below)

• If you have any problems downloading the App, please check that you are running the most up-to-date version of your phone software. We have noticed that if people have old systems running, the App can become slow and sometimes freeze. If so, delete the App ( by pressing the icon until it wobbles and then press the x to delete it) Then download the latest version of your operating system on your phone. Finally, return to the App store and download the App again. You will not be charged twice for this.

• The App downloads a lot of information from a server the first time it’s executed and it may take some time for that. The length of time for it to download also depends on the strength of WiFi or mobile reception in your area. It will run much faster after this first execution because the information keeps stored in the App.

•Some iPhone users who are located in a non-English-speaking country or have their iPhones configured in a language that is not supported by the App may have problems when the App attempts to detect the device’s language. If you’re trying to access the App on an iPhone from the Netherlands or Scandinavia (or possibly countries outside the UK), here’s the solution given to us by a Hoffman Grad:
Go to Settings/General/Language & Region/Advanced (furthest down), put the Automatic Language to English. Delete the App and reinstall it again.
You can go back to your previous language once the App is run for the first time.

• Android 5 devices may have a problem with a buggy Android component that Google released in late April 2015 that made many apps crash. Google published a fix for this in early June 2015. If you have an Android 5 phone, please update your system components through Google Play.

• Some users may get a blank page the first time the App is run. A possible trick for solving this is to go back to the phone’s main menu and touch the Hoffman App icon to run it again.

• Screen Lock? Listening to audios
We have noticed that some people have screen locks on their phone and this means that sometimes the Visualisations can stop when your phone goes to sleep. If this happens, then turn the lock off when you wish to listen to the visualisations.

We’re continuously working on making the App better and we appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much for your help! And please be patient with us while we get this ready for you.
For further help please email David Pico, the App developer: david@luthiersdewebs.com