Spirit and DestinyAn excerpt from an article in Spirit and Destiny Magazine 2009

“It worked for me!”

“Doing the Hoffman Process was the most positive step I’ve taken to becoming content. After years of battling low self-esteem stemming  from my dad’s alcoholism, I had to do something for my children’s sake, so I signed up for the Process.

I struggled over the week, and was in tears a lot. You’d listen to others’ stories and learn about yourself through your interactions with the group. I even lost some weight as I felt too churned up to eat.

‘On the last day, I wasn’t sure it had “happened” for me, and I felt up and down. But when I got home, I realised I felt more alive and joyful, and my family definitely noticed the difference. I still get bad days, but they don’t last too long.

I stay “present” in my emotions, and I’m not scared by them. I feel grateful for the good things in life. It’s like a light has been switched on.”

Penny, 40, a finance director from King’s Lynn, Norfolk