'When I arrived at the Process venue, my pattern of rebelling against authority made me very defensive. Once I trusted in the journey and gave it my all, it was magical and transformative – I cried a river. So much came up for healing and I gained a huge amount of self-awareness...

My attitude to life now is very different. The constant conflicting thoughts and internal dialogue that used to endlessly chatter and judge are hardly there. They’re not completely gone, but I notice them and I know how to quiet them. I’m more present and the sense of not belonging is so occasional that it’s not even worth mentioning.

My husband Neil and I have been on the French Retreat, which took our awareness to an even deeper level, and I did a six-month Hoffman course called Living Your Process that enabled me to make the vision I saw for myself on the Process a reality. I now see all the challenges I’ve faced as opportunities for growth, as are all those to come.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I’m proud of myself and Neil for the work we have put in for ourselves and our marriage. I’m so thankful for the Hoffman course – I’ve come back home to me – where I always belonged.'

To read Fiona's article in full, click here or to find out more about her work as a Life Coach, visit: positivefuturescoaching.com/coach/fiona-blackley
We'd love to hear from you! Call the office on +44 (0)1903 88 99 90 or email: graduates@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk
We are LOVING this recent review of the Hoffman Process in Australia by journalist Luc Wiesman Titled 'I Paid $6,000 To Share Feelings With 20 Strangers In Byron Bay. It Was Totally Worth It', it's an honest, funny and upbeat read, and a great one to share with friends and family who might appreciate a 'no-nonsense' intro to Hoffman:

'It’s hard to grasp sharing problems with 20 complete strangers, but you soon realise everyone is there for the same reason. We’re all stuck and are looking for that push up the hill regardless of career, wealth or any of that status bullsh*t. Everyone is equal at Camp Hoffman.

If you only take one thing from this, it’s the sooner you realise everyone has sh*t, the quicker you can deal with your own and move on. Huzzah!'

We're grateful to Luc for sharing his experience so candidly. To read the article in full, click here
Our Summer Retreat in July is the perfect space to extend your Hoffman experience and hone your post-Process vision.

Set in glorious French countryside and led by Supervising Hoffman facilitator Matthew Pruen and self-esteem mentor and shamanic practitioner Emma Pruen, each day will allow for facilitated Hoffman sessions, as well as an afternoon break where you can choose from a range of optional activities, or just relax by the open air, saltwater pool. (More info here)

You can choose to do the Summer Retreat with a partner, family member or friend as long as they are Hoffman graduates as well. If your original Process group are still in touch, this is a great chance to reconnect and continue your Hoffman journey together.

Dates: Monday 25 - Saturday 30 July.
Venue:The French Retreat, Yviers, near Bordeaux/Bergerac
Cost: EARLY BIRD until Sunday 17 May £995 per person

For more information and booking details, click here
Expresso! with Emma: this Wednesday, 4 May
Why keep negative tension trapped inside when you can harness the power of music and movement to let it all out?

Join Supervising Hoffman Facilitator Emma Ferguson for an evening of sound, group energy and cathartic release. Allow yourself to be in the moment and fully let go in this interactive session, designed to release some of that pent-up tension in true Hoffman style. The evening will finish with a grounding meditation.

'It took me ages to sign up for Expresso! I made every excuse under the sun; fed up of Zoom, not sure I'd get into it at home, not really my kind of thing... Ten minutes into my first session, I realised I never wanted to miss one again.'

Times: 7.30pm - 9.00pm UK time
Platform: Zoom
Price: £10

For more info and to book, click here
Hoffman relationship workshop leaders Matthew and Emma Pruen have many years of experience in supporting couples in many stages of relationship. whether keen to stay together, unsure/ambivalent, committed to parting, or both differing.

Their two-day workshop for couples, Making Relationships Work offers the opportunity for partners to communicate openly, understand what may be blocking the capacity for intimacy and to develop the skills to truly thrive in relationship.

These workshops take place in-person and are non-residential. You do not have to have done the Hoffman Process to attend this workshop.

For more info and to book, click here To watch a five minute interview with Matthew and Emma here.
Our one-day workshop, Into the Light, gives you a facilitated space to put aside what’s in the past, reconnect to your sense of agency in the present and start to plan for a brighter future.

Now’s the time to put your attention on what you want in life, and to do something about whatever patterns are getting in your way. It provides a space to take stock of where you’re at right now, to recommit to choosing the Right Road connected to your Spiritual Self, and to create a clear vision for yourself for the next year.

Time: 9.00am – 5.30pm (UK time)
Platform: Zoom
Cost: £120

For more information and to book, click here
Our online support group that’s open to all Hoffman grads, no matter where in the world, or when you did the Process. The meeting will give you a chance to reconnect to your Hoffman energy, revisit some tools and meet virtually with other Hoffman graduates.

There is no charge to attend these online events, and they're open to all Hoffman graduates, no matter where or when you did the Process. So why not let your Process group know and grab the chance to see one another again?

Times: 7.30-9.00pm UK time
Cost: Free

To book your place, email graduates@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk You’ll be sent the Zoom meeting ID and link by email in advance.

Can't make this date? The next is on Tuesday 14 June
You'll find more dates on the post-Process website, here.
All Hoffman graduates new and old are warmly invited to attend Serena's monthly London Support Group.

Each meetup is different, but the evenings will usually offer the opportunity to check in, work through a tool or technique that you might not have used for a while and to reconnect to your Process experience in the company of other Hoffman grads. Those who have done the Process overseas are also very welcome to join, if you happen to be in town.
Next date: Wednesday 11 May
Venue: Violet Hill Studios, St John’s Wood, London NW8 9EB
Times: 7.30-9.00
Price: £15
For more info and to book, click here

If you can't make this date, the next is on Wednesday 8 June.
For a full list of dates and availability, click here

Hoffman coaching gives you the space to explore how you're feeling and to work through issues one-to-one using the Hoffman tools. Our facilitators will support you in identifying and developing your strengths, as well as tuning in to your own inner guidance.

Sessions cost £100 and last for an hour. You're welcome to work with any facilitator, even if they weren't on your Process. You can book regular sessions up to a fortnight in advance.

'I did the Process five years ago. The great intentions that I had when I left never materialised and I gradually sulked away from Hoffman, thinking that it just hadn't worked for me. It took a major life upheaval for the penny to finally drop - the tools will only work if you make the effort to use them...'

For more info and to book, click here
To find out a little more about the team, click here
Our Processes at Florence House are still filling up quickly, and dates can be found here. Participant numbers are now back to 24, and spaces do still become available when courses are showing on Wait List, so it's always worth getting in touch if a Process is full. Availability is also updated regularly on our website.

For general information about Hoffman and what it entails, we hold weekly information evenings by Zoom that are free to attend. These take place at either 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening or 4.00pm on a Wednesday, which might be helpful for those in different time zones. You can find details of upcoming dates to share here.

And we're always very happy to speak to graduates about recommending our two-day Hoffman Essentials to their nearest and dearest. At just £195, the online weekend also makes a great gift. To find out more, email graduates@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk or give us a call on +44(0)1903 88 99 90.
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