Allie Astell was living in Egypt when a series of difficult events struck her and her family. Used to being 'the strong one' who was always there for everybody else, it was only when the feeling of ' psychologically hurtling a cosmic black Ferrari at 200 miles per hour towards a huge brick wall' overwhelmed her that Allie realised that to regain pleasure in life, she would need to be there for herself too:

'My nickname on the Hoffman Process was “Smiling Caretaker”. In other words, I’d learned to always care for others with a smile on my face, ignoring whatever I was going through in my own life. I’d learned to hide my emotions and ignore my real needs. That worked for as long as I could remember, but what led me to book the course was the inability to do it any more. I didn’t love myself, and I felt unlovable.

I’ve never sobbed so uncontrollably or laughed from my heart so much in my entire life as I did on the Process...'

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