Hoffman UK Graduate E-newsletter | May 2017
Deepening the Dream
With yoga teacher David Lurey
International yoga teachers David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner run workshops and retreats on the Balearic island of Mallorca and around the world. When Mirjam's instructor Sarah Powers recommended the Hoffman Process, they both agreed to approach it with open minds. Mirjam did the Process first, with David following a fortnight later. 

"Once I got home, Mirjam and I began to re-establish ourselves as a couple - only this time we had greater awareness of our patterns, habits and pitfalls and great new tools to support each other...

Coming to the Process with established practices for all aspects of our personal growth has truly ‘deepened the dream’ of living a more fulfilled and enriched life. Bad days still come and go, we’re still triggered and fall into patterns, but some of the veil has been lifted. We now have great tools and a community to connect to while we keep making choices to follow the path of our highest potential. And luckily for us, this work seems as if it will last a few more years yet!"

Click here to read David's Process Story and for links to free online tools and a full yoga class video.

For more Hoffman Graduate Process Stories, click here.
'I won the Perrier off the back of the Hoffman Process...'
Comedian Russell Kane and Emily Dean talk Hoffman in a podcast for The Times

Hoffman graduate Emily Dean boasts an impressive CV as a TV producer, radio presenter and journalist.

Walking the Dog is Emily's current series of podcasts for The Times. April's episode features a walk in Cheshire with pug Colin and his owner, comedian Russell Kane, who talks candidly about his reasons for doing the Process in 2009, his relationship with his father and the effect Hoffman has had on his day-to-day life and his career:

"[Hoffman's] for everyone -  it's for people whose lives are perfect, it's for people who've been on antidepressants their whole life and for everyone in between... Or you might just want to go like you go to the gym for six weeks, for a bit of self-improvement.

When I think back, it's like I was there about six months, it was that intense... And on the final day, I had the idea for Smokescreens and Castles. I won the Perrier [comedy award] off the back of the Hoffman Process..."

"You manage your reactions, your responses to people and to situations. You learn that pretty much most of what you do, and what defines your daily behaviour, you can trace back to patterns you learned from your parents. And that’s all they are, just patterns..."
Hoffman Graduate Emily Dean

Click here to listen to the full hour-long podcast. (Hoffman's mention starts at 26 minutes...)
'My life is completely different now I’ve found peace with myself...'
Fitness instructor, model and actor Daniel Ventura takes the Hoffman 5-minute interview...

We're always delighted to hear what our Hoffman graduates are up to. On this occasion, when Daniel Ventura got in touch to share news of his latest acting role, it divided the Hoffman office... Turns out that some of us remember the 1980's cartoon franchise Masters of the Universe better than others...

Those who do remember He-Man, Skeletor and BattleCat with fondness will definitely enjoy Dan's role in a new price comparison commercial here.

For those blissfully unaware of the power of Grayskull, he's also very kindly taken our Hoffman Q&A five-minute interview. Click here to read more.

" My life's completely different now I’ve found peace with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my ups and downs. But now I can manage my emotions so much better. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened for my soul."
The whole circle of wellness...
Hoffman Graduate Amelia Freer talks health and nutrition on BBC Radio 2
It's not all about weight loss, self-denial or how many portions of veg we can squeeze into a day - a recent interview with nutritionist Amelia Freer on Steve Wright's BBC2 radio show reveals a much more holistic approach to nutrition when dealing with her clients;

"It's up to each individual to take responsibility for their own health. Even with clients who are looking to lose weight, the focus is rarely on weight loss...
I ask them, what are they eating, how much are they exercising, how are they sleeping, what are they thinking... It's the whole circle of wellness..."
Amelia was appearing on the show to promote her latest bestseller, Nourish and Glow: The Ten Day Plan. Click here for more information about the book, and to listen to the interview,  click here.
“The Hoffman Process gave me the tools to grow in confidence and hence to pursue my career and my own happiness. I benefited enormously from the experience and recommend it regularly."
Photo credit Candida Boddington
The School of Life...
Author Dr John Gray talks Mars and Venus
Dr John Gray, author of the bestselling Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus will be speaking about relationships at The School of Life in central London on Sunday 14 May, and we have a special discount offer for Hoffman bookings.

It's now 25 years since Men are from Mars hit the bestseller lists, selling more than 50 million copies worldwide, and the world has moved on. In this talk, John will discuss how he has updated his theories on relationships for the 21st century now that we all have more freedom to move beyond the restrictions of traditional roles.

Click here for more information about the event. 
To get 20% off the ticket price, use the promo code HOFFMAN when booking online.
“The Hoffman Process effectively gets people beyond many of the self-sabotaging moods, attitudes and behaviors that block loving relationships and helps them know the sensibility of true love."
Author Dr John Gray
Hoffman Meetup in Amsterdam
A chance for Dutch Hoffman Grads to get together
We're often asked by Grads for ways to connect with other Hoffies. Our private Facebook group is one place to start, the new geolocator feature on the Hoffman App is another, and there are always our Hoffman-led regional support groups.

Now Hoffman Graduate Annemijn Briet (pictured) has very kindly offered to act as coordinator for our very first Hoffman meetup event. Meetups are different from Hoffman-led support groups in that they're purely social and not co-ordinated by the Hoffman teaching team.

Hoffies in Holland should save the date - Wednesday 31st May - to meet from 7.30-9.00pm in a cafe tbc in  central Amsterdam. 

Click here to join the group, or contact the Hoffman UK office with any questions. If you might be interested in co-ordinating a Hoffman meetup in your area, email us

"We're hoping that by starting with a coffee and a chat, we can build a regular meetup that will allow us all to reconnect to our Process experience and support one another..."
Annemijn Briet
Feel the 5Rhythms!
Saturday 17 June, Battersea yoga centre
5Rhythms offers the chance to connect to the power of movement using freestyle dance in a guided environment.

There are no set steps to learn, and you won't need a dance partner. Instead, you'll use music as medicine, invoking feelings that are exhilarating, cathartic, illuminating, joyful and fun!

You're welcome to come on your own, with a Hoffman buddy, or you can bring a friend (even if they haven't done the Process).

Click here for more information and to book - or pay on the door on the evening.

Did you know that there is a whole calendar of post-process events on our website?
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Regional Support Groups 
Hoffman-led local meetings
Local Hoffman groups are a fun way to keep your Process insights alive. In this relaxed environment, you have a safe space to share authentically, deepen your learning, build a support network of other local Hoffman graduates, and reconnect to your Hoffman Toolkit.

Come on your own or with a Hoffman buddy on a drop-in or regular basis. Support groups are purposefully kept affordable (£10 London, £15 elsewhere), so that you can come regularly/often.

Next Dates:
London Support Evening
Wednesday 24 May, Fresh Ground, Battersea

Led by Hoffman UK co-founder Serena Gordon.
Click here for more information and to book

Brighton Support Group
Monday 8 May, Cornerstone Community Centre
Led by Hoffman Teacher Sam Cotton
Click here for more information and to book

Manchester Support Group
Friday 2 June, Rise Manchester
Led by Hoffman Teacher Emma Ferguson
Click here for more information and to book

Bristol Support Group
Tuesday 4 July, HOURS
Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith
Click here for more information and to book

Hoffman Parenting Workshops
Learn skills to help you and the next generation
We received such great feedback from participants on February's parenting workshops that we'll be repeating them over the summer.

Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and parenting coach Michelle Matthews will lead the one-day workshops in London; one focusing on the specific challenges and joys of parenting children aged 12 and under and the other workshop examining the world of teenagers.

Come on your own or as a couple. These workshops are open to all, whether or not you have done the Hoffman Process. The cost of each workshop is £160, or £300 for a couple or for one person to attend both days.

Foundations in Parenting: The Childhood Years (Ages 0-12)
Date: Saturdays 24 June and 30 September 2017
Time: 10am-5pm (arrive from 9.30am)
Venue: The Welsh Chapel, 30 Beauchamp Rd, Clapham, SW11 1PQ  
Click here to book your place(s).

Parenting: The Teenage Years (Ages 12+)
Saturday 23 September 2017
Time: 10am-5pm (arrive from 9.30am)
Venue: The Welsh Chapel, 30 Beauchamp Rd, Clapham, SW11 1PQ  
Click here to book your place(s).

For more information on each workshop's content and structure, click here.
May and June Graduate Events

Come to Closure
Thursdays: 4 May, 1 June, 17 June, 29 June
Make it a reunion to remember at Florence House

Click here for more information and to book

Brighton Support Group
Monday 8 May
Led by Hoffman teacher Sam Cotton
Click here for more information and to book

Q2: 3-day Mini-Process 
12-14 May
Refresh what you learned on your Process and work on applying Hoffman tools to your current situation.
Click here for more information and to book

London Support Evening
Wednesday 24 May
Led by Hoffman UK co-founder Serena Gordon.
Click here for more information and to book

Manchester Support Group
Friday 2 June
Led by Hoffman teacher Emma Ferguson
Click here for more information and to book

5Rhythms Dance Evening
Saturday 17 June
Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith
Click here for more information and to book

Parenting Workshop: The Childhood Years
Saturday 24 June
Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and Parenting Coach Michelle Matthews
Click here for more information and to book

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Hoffman Events for Family and Friends

Information Phone-In
Tuesday 2 May

Information Evening: London
Regent's University     

Introduction Day: London
Saturday 20 May
The Guild of Psychotherapists    

Process Dates
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May 27-June 2: Wait List*
June 10-16 : Wait List*
June 24-30 : Available
July 8-14 : Available
August 5-11 : Available
August 26-September 1 : Available
September 9-15 : Available

*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available. Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for full details.
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Hoffman Tool for May
Spice up your life!

Time for a behavioural stretch to keep the right brain popping! Some suggestions:

  • Do some things whilst lying on the floor, e.g. getting dressed, making phone calls, brushing your teeth. See what the world looks like from a different perspective.
  • Take a different route to work
  • Wear a colour you wouldn't normally wear
  • Lie in bed for longer - or get up much earlier!

What other ways can you come up with to make a break with your normal routine..?

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