Hoffman UK Graduate E-newsletter | April 2017
Our Hoffman Graduate Interview
With spine surgeon David Hanscom
When we describe someone as being a ‘pain in the neck' are we touching on a deeper truth? Is pain a purely physical phenomenon, or is it actually emotional stress - and are the two linked?

Spine surgeon Dr David Hanscom wondered why a proportion of patients still reported pain, even when their structural problems had apparently been resolved. He concluded that our body's pain pathways may be so ingrained after years of chronic discomfort that we need to treat them not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. David says;

'Dealing with chronic pain is similar to fighting a forest fire. It requires a multi-faceted approach. Chronic pain can be solved by addressing sleep quality, stress levels, medication, physical conditioning, and mindset.'

David did the Process in 2009, and credits Hoffman with providing a key ingredient to his success. He has now incorporated many of its principles into a new programme for finding solutions to chronic pain.

'Hoffman tools are brilliant for reprogramming and include writing, visualisation, mindfulness, meditation, and play. Many aspects of the week involve engaging the physical senses, which addresses the unconscious brain and helps to quickly embed new pathways. I frequently tell my patients that Hoffman accomplishes about five years of reprogramming in about a week.

'I've watched hundreds of patients become pain-free using a largely self-directed approach. Hoffman’s role in ‘fighting the forest fire’ of your pain is in addressing stress and changing your outlook on life...'

David’s book, Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain provides a framework to re-organising your thinking and finding your own solution to chronic pain.

His website, where you’ll find his 
Direct Your Own Care action plan is: www.backincontrol.com

David is a guest speaker at the Sirpa conference 'Chronic pain the role of emotions' at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on October 15. The keynote presenter will be award-winning science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa who'll be explaining decades of research linking adverse childhood experiences to ill-health in later life. We will tell you more in our September newsletter.
Unlimited: 7 Habits to Unleash Your Full Potential
by Hoffman Graduate Becca Teers 
Mindset management, transforming limiting beliefs, combating phobias and making positive health and lifestyle changes are all addressed in Unlimited, a new book from Hoffman graduate Becca Teers.
Becca says: 'I’ve met so many people with brilliant ideas who struggle to turn them into reality. I find the psychology of why more people don’t pursue their passions fascinating... Ultimately, I found that some small lifestyle changes can make a hugely positive difference to your mindset and attitude, which is what Unlimited is all about – taking seven simple steps to help people fulfil their potential.'
£1 from every book sold goes directly to the Drive Forward Foundation, a charity that encourages young care leavers to take charge of their lives and achieve their career goals.
Unlimited is available to buy on Kindle now for £10. To order, visit www.unlimited-book.com
“Hoffman had a major impact on both my personal and professional life. If it wasn’t for the Hoffman Process, I wouldn’t be realising my lifelong ambition of being an author.”

Meet t herapist, trainer & speaker, Becca Teers at her book launch in London on April 27
Volunteers needed at the iCAAD addiction conference
In exchange for attendance & networking opportunities

iCAAD (International Conference, Addiction & Associated Disorders) is dedicated to exchanging ideas and advancing the prevention and treatment of behavioural, emotional and mental health issues. 

Their flagship UK event takes place in London from 1-3 May, at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, and is open to all - academics, professionals and non-professionals alike.

Volunteers are needed for 4 hours each day to help with welcoming, marshalling, handing out materials etc. In exchange, you'll be able to spend 4 hours attending presentations from the iCAAD programme and networking with key professionals and leading companies who work with trauma, process addictions, behavioural issues and wellness.

Interested? Email info@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk and we'll forward your details to the organisers.
You can read more about iCAAD London on their website here and view an event brochure here .

If you'd like to attend without volunteering, you can get 15% off all ticket types using the word hoffman (all lower case) in the ID box when booking.
Work with Hoffman!
Full-time Enrolment Coordinator wanted

We're recruiting for an Enrolment Coordinator, to be based full-time at our offices in Arundel, West Sussex. Our offices are open Monday to Friday. The role also involves attending occasional events in London and East Sussex.

This position will suit somebody with a passion for self-development and a background in counselling or therapy. It's not essential to have done the Process to apply, so please feel free to forward to family and friends who you think might be interested; however the successful candidate should ideally have a willingness to participate in the Process in the future.
 Full details and a job outline are available on our website, here.
Hoffman Graduate Facebook Group
Come and join our new, closed group
You might have noticed that our post-Process Graduate Facebook profile has recently changed 'her' name from Hoffman Process to Serena Gordon (Hoffman Process). That's not because Serena is having an identity crisis, but we've had a gentle reminder from Facebook that pretending to be a person (even for the best of reasons) is in contravention of their rules.

However the good news is we've created a closed, Hoffman graduate-only Facebook group. It's called Hoffman Process Graduates UK, and anyone who has done the Process is welcome to join. If we're already 'friends' on Facebook, click here to send us a request; if we're not friends yet, click here, 'friend' us and we'll invite you to join.
To connect with Hoffman UK on Facebook:

Hoffman Graduates - make friends with
and we'll invite you to join our Grad Group here

Or to share with family and friends:

Earth-Beat Spring Celebration
Sunday April 9. £10 discount with Hoffman code
Feel like partying in the city? There's something for everyone at the  Earth-Beat Spring Celebration taking place in Lambeth, South London on Sunday 9 April from 4.00-10.30pm. Its organisers describe it as:

'A conscious gathering that provides a platform for co-creation and connection in the heart of London. Earth-Beat offers transformational experiences through art, music, dance, and ceremony that help us reconnect with ourselves, our land and our community. With live electronic and world music, kids’ entertainment, creative initiatives, healing space and workshops, we invite you to live, play and move as our hearts beat as one.'

Earth-Beat are kindly offering £10 off tickets to members of the Hoffman community. For more information and to book at the discounted rate, visit: earthbeatfestival.co.uk and use the code HOFFMAN1BEAT

Meet expert Hoffman graduates at the MBS Wellbeing Festival
London Olympia 28 April  - 1 May

Our Hoffman graduates are featured workshop leaders at the2017 Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival at Olympia in May. 

Yoga expert Sonia Doubell will be encouraging you to stretch out of your comfort zone in her re-youthing workshop.

Nutritionist Patrick Holford will be talking about the Chemistry of Connection, showing how spirituality, diet and health are closely connected.

Spiritual teacher and author,  Sonia Choquette will be helping you to develop your three superpowers: intuition, imagination and meditation.

The MBS Wellbeing festival, which is celebrating its 40th year, runs from 28 April to 1st May and tickets start from just £10.  You can read more about the Festival on their website here and view their workshops  here.

Hoffman Parenting Workshops
Learn skills to help you and the next generation
We received such great feedback from participants on February's parenting workshops that we'll be repeating them over the summer.

Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and parenting coach Michelle Matthews will lead the one-day workshops in London; one focusing on the specific challenges and joys of parenting children aged 12 and under and the other workshop examining the world of teenagers.

Come on your own or as a couple. These workshops are open to all, whether or not you have done the Hoffman Process. The cost of each workshop is £160, or £300 for a couple/to attend both days.

Parenting –The Teenage Years
Saturday 6 May 2017
Time: 10am-5pm (arrive from 9.30am)
Venue: Central London     Click here to book your place(s).

Foundations in Parenting: The Childhood Years
Date: Saturday 24 June 2017
Time: 10am-5pm (arrive from 9.30am)
Venue: Regents University, London, NW1 4NS    Click here to book your place(s).

For more information on each workshop's content and structure, click here.
Regional Support Groups 
Hoffman led local meetings
Local Hoffman groups are a fun way to keep your Process insights alive. In this relaxed environment, you have a safe space to share authentically, deepen your learning, build a support network of other local Hoffman graduates, and reconnect to your Hoffman Toolkit.

Come on your own or with a Hoffman buddy on a drop-in or regular basis. Support groups are purposefully kept affordable (£10 London, £15 elsewhere), so that you can come regularly/often.

Next Dates

London Support Evening
Friday 7 April, Violet Hills Studios, St John's Wood

Led by Hoffman UK co-founder Serena Gordon.
Click here for more information and to book

Bristol Support Group
Tuesday 11 April, HOURS
Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith
Click here for more information and to book

Brighton Support Group
Monday 8 May, Cornerstone Community Centre
Led by Hoffman Teacher Sam Cotton
Click here for more information and to book
April and May Graduate Events

London Support Evening
Friday 7 April
Led by Hoffman UK co-founder Serena Gordon.
Click here for more information and to book

Come to Closure
Thursday 6 April, 20 April, and 4 May
Make it a reunion to remember at Florence House

Click here for more information and to book

Bristol Support Group
Tuesday 11 April
Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith
Click here for more information and to book

Brighton Support Group
Monday 8 May
Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Sam Cotton
Click here for more information and to book

Q2: 3-day Mini-Process
12-14 May
Refresh what you learned on your Process and work on applying Hoffman tools to your current situation.
Click here for more information and to book
For a full calendar of Hoffman
Post-Process events, click
Hoffman Events for Family and Friends

Information Phone-In
Tuesday 4 April

Information Evening: London
Regent's University     

Introduction Day: London
Saturday 20 May
The Guild of Psychotherapists     

Upcoming Process Dates
April 01-07: Wait List*
April 15-21: Wait List*
April 29-May 5: Wait List*
May 27-June 2: Wait List*
June 10-16 : Available
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August 5-11 : Available

*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available. Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for full details.
For a full calendar of Hoffman Information events, click here
Hoffman Tool for April 
Underscore your day with some tunes...

Ask your Emotional Child to choose a piece of music and play it this week. Either crank up the volume or put on some headphones. Classical music may have a soothing effect. Modern music may help shift a mood that you are in. Whatever you need, enjoy the sensations in your body and allow your mind to lose itself in the rhythm. You could also try humming or making your own music!

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