Hoffman UK Graduate E-newsletter | September 2017
'I came back to London something of a different person...'
GQ editor Dylan Jones gets serious about change

Before doing the Hoffman Process, Dylan Jones had made the decision that he absolutely wasn't going to write about it afterwards. We're very glad he changed his mind...

"I had previously been wary of personal development courses. I figured they were either designed for people who couldn't make it on their own or those who had made it, were starting the slow descent to oblivion and now wanted a way to cope with it. But then I'm rarely surprised by how shallow I can be sometimes. My narrative was a simple one. I loudly boasted that I was only on the course under duress, that my wife had made me go and that I really didn't want to be there. I probably appeared terribly arrogant.

The Hoffman Process is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will leave you changed forever.
I should know, because I myself have changed..."

Dylan's full feature appears in the September 2017 issue of GQ magazine.
You can buy GQ online here or download the GQ app for iPhone here.
'We shared times of sheer joy...'
Hoffman Grad Lindy McManus shares her Process Story

Work, travel, innumerable spa breaks - when her 23 year marriage ended in a difficult divorce, property finder Lindy McManus tried all sorts of diversionary tactics to avoid facing up to her grief. Then friends started to mention the Hoffman Process...

'The 3-year divorce battle had been super stressful, complicated and deeply wounding. I felt drained, raw, as if I’d lost a limb. Grief is very debilitating and most of the time it felt as though half of me was missing. Hearing a song in a shop could trigger a memory of my ex, and I’d have to leave to avoid listening to the lyrics. Not good. These episodes were heart bee stings. We’d overcome monumental hurdles together, and shared a long history, which I’d truly believed would be for life. Now he was on a yacht – and I was on my knees…'

Click here to read Lindy's full article.
Playful about change...
NEW Hoffman Play Day event in October

The joy, freedom and exuberance of Play Day is one of the highlights of the Process for many Hoffman grads. Our new one-day workshop recaptures that feeling of release - give your Intellect a rest and let your Inner Child flourish in the company of Senior Hoffman teacher Sam Cotton and other playful Hoffies...

Date: Saturday 14 October
Time: 10.00-5.30.
Arrive 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.
Venue: Pollard Rehearsal Rooms,
Shoreditch, E2 6NB
Price: £95 per person or £175 for two people

Click here for more information and to book.
Don't pass on your baggage...
Article by Hoffman MD Serena Gordon

On the Hoffman Process, we invite people to explore their past and investigate all the patterns of behaviour that they inherited from their parents or primary carers.

In an article in this month's issue of Families London South West, Hoffman UK co-founder and MD Serena Gordon explains how gaining an awareness of those patterns and managing our reactions to them can stop us passing negative behaviour on down the generations to our children in turn.

Applying Hoffman tools to the way we raise children will also be explored in our Hoffman Parenting Workshops this September.

Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and parenting coach Michelle Mace, Foundations in Parenting addresses the specific challenges of children aged 0-12 and Parenting: The Teenage Years focuses on children aged 13+. Individuals or couples are welcome, and you don't need to have done the Process to attend.

Click here to read Serena's article online (page 29) and here  for more information or to book on a parenting day.
Reconnection ay
Saturday 30 September, London

'The dynamics of the group were amazing and I instantly had a feeling of warmth, belonging and love. It was good to refresh my memory with some of the tools used on The Process...
(HW, Hoffman grad)

Reconnection Days offer you the opportunity to allow yourself an entire day to re-focus on your Process. In the company of other Hoffman grads, you'll be reminded of your Process insights and encouraged to refresh your vision, identifying and overcoming any blocks you may have to achieving it. Perfect if you've a life challenge ahead, or just as a Hoffman tool top-up and a treat to yourself. The day will be led by Supervising Hoffman teacher Jeremy Kynaston (pictured).
Come to Closure
Thursday 14 September: with Janet, Emma & Sam
Thursday 28 September: with Jeremy, Matthew & Mairi

Do you remember your Thursday evening Closure dinner and that great feeling of being supported - by your Process group, by your teachers and by visiting Hoffman grads? Reconnect and revive that feeling by attending the Closure of a new flock of Hoffman geese at Florence House this month.

Closure starts at 5pm prompt and there's no cost to attend. Dinner's included. All you have to do is call the office on (+44)1903 889 990 and let us know that you'd like to come along.

There's at least one opportunity to attend Closure every month - for future dates, click here .
Please note that it's not possible to attend the Closure of a spouse or child, although we'd love to see you at their welcome home.
Hoffman Support Groups

London Support Group
Led by Hoffman UK co-founder & Director,
Serena Gordon
Violet Hills Studios, London, NW8 9EB

Brighton Support Group
Led by Senior Hoffman teacher Sam Cotton
Cornerstone Centre, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2F

Bristol Support Group
HOURS, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD
Hoffman events for family and friends

Information Evening: London

Introduction Day: London

September 9-15: Wait List*
September 23-29: Wait List*
October 7-13: Wait List*
October 21-27: Available
November 4-10: Available
December 9-15: Available

*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for full details.

For a full calendar of Hoffman Information events, click here
Hoffman top tip for September
Childhood pleasures

What did you love doing when you were a child?
Think back... Was it cycling, acting, flower pressing, carving, climbing trees, drawing, painting, swimming, baking, skipping, dancing, trampolining, card games, making things? What fired your imagination?

When did you last do any of these? Re-experience those pleasures and create some time this week to enjoy a journey back to childhood.

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood"
Tom Robbins

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