Hoffman UK Graduate E-newsletter | November 2017
Hoffman and Mindful Leadership
Robbie Steinhouse, Business & Leadership Coach

Being director of NLP School has its challenges and Robbie Steinhouse credits aspects of the Hoffman Process with transforming not only his emotional state, but also his approach to business leadership.

'I managed to steer the business through the seemingly endless storm that the credit crunch had created. When I did finally emerge in 2012, I realised the enormous value I’d gained from doing the Hoffman Process a few years earlier. Success in business often takes a huge personal toll on the leader; without a sense of vision, imagination and the tools to overcome obstacles, I’m not sure if I would have emerged intact. I have a lot to thank Hoffman for...'

Read Robbie's account of how Hoffman influenced the creation of his 'Leadership Matrix' model and find out about his latest book Mindful Business Leadership here.
Inspirational Woman of the Year
Celebrating Esme Page, ex-Hoffman Teacher

When Esme saw reports of the Grenfell Tower fire unfold from her Cornish home, she decided to link with others in her community and offer holidays to those affected. Inspired, she set up the project Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

'As a Hoffman teacher I often helped people who'd lost a parent when they were young. When I saw the Grenfell tower event, I had to act. My greatest desire was that these families, and particularly the children, were given the resources they needed to process the events on what will be a lifelong journey...'

You can volunteer your skills, offer local accommodation or donate to Cornwall Hugs Grenfell here .
'A New Start with the Hoffman Process...'
Blogger Kirsten Baker talks about her Process

Hoffman grad Kirsten blogs as Rose in Motion with the strapline 'Pondering life as a human being...' In a recent post, she shares her reasons for doing the Process, and the impact it has had on her life and relationships.

' Overall, I feel lighter and I feel connected to a sense of playfulness, colour, creativity and possibility that had taken a back seat in life for too long. I also have a set of tools to go to when old patterns resurface and access to a deep love and respect for my parents. It’s funny but after years of silent meditation retreats I can see that it was love I was looking for .'

Thank you to Kirsten for sharing her blog - you can read it in full here
Q2: 3-Day Mini-Process
17-19 November, Florence House, East Sussex

Sometimes described as ‘the mini-Process’, Q2 is the perfect space to reconnect with your Hoffman experience and work on any new issues that are coming up in your life today.

'The Q2 is hewn from the same rich vein of genius as the Process; always one step ahead of how you’re thinking and feeling and ready to carefully help you transition as you make your journey through the four stages of awareness, expression, compassion and forgiveness which lead to new behaviours...'
Hoffman Grad Cath McNeill talks about the Q2

Click here for more information and to book. **2 spaces left**
Come to Closure
Thursday 9 Nov: Florence House with Eliza, Matthew and Emma
Thursday 30 Nov: Castle Grove with Jeremy, Mairi and Emma

Do you remember your Thursday evening Closure dinner and that great feeling of being supported - by your Process group, by your teachers and by visiting Hoffman grads? Reconnect and revive that feeling by attending the Closure of a new flock of Hoffman geese.

Closure starts at 5pm prompt and there's no cost to attend. Dinner's included. All you have to do is email the office or call us on (+44)1903 889 990 and let us know that you'd like to come.

There's at least one opportunity to attend Closure every month - for future dates, click here .
Please note that it's not possible to attend the Closure of a spouse or child, although we'd love to see you at their Welcome Home.
Hoffman Support Groups

London Support Group
Led by Hoffman UK co-founder & Director,
Serena Gordon
Violet Hills Studios, London, NW8 9EB

Brighton Support Group
Led by Senior Hoffman teacher Sam Cotton
Cornerstone Centre, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2F
For more information and to book, click here
Hoffman events for family and friends

Information Evenings:

Introduction Phone-In: Tuesday 7 November

November 4-10: Wait List*
November 25- 1: Wait List*
December 9-15: Wait List*
January 6-12: Wait List*
January 20-26: Available
February 3-9: Available
*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for full details.

For a full calendar of Hoffman Information events, click here
Hoffman top tip for November
Grab a screen breakl

Remember how liberating it was not to have your phone around you on the Process? Choose a day, today if possible, to say goodbye to screens. No mobile phones, no computers, no X-boxes, no iPads. And yes, that includes television.

Experience the entirely different quality of life that comes with the absence of screens and buttons. Consider having one tech-free day a week. Especially, try to shut off your screens an hour before bedtime...

Just one of 365 tips from the Hoffman Graduate Journal. Click here to order a copy online.
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