Hoffman UK Graduate E-newsletter | August 2017
Killing me softly...
With Songwriter & Vocalist Stella Talpo

In this month's feature, Stella Talpo shares how she was scared that she might lose her creative voice by doing the Hoffman Process.

'I associated my creativity with struggle. A part of me also feared losing the passion for writing that I’d used as my therapy for so long. But I was losing a grip on myself and my life as I entered adulthood. I knew if I didn’t try something, I would end up sabotaging my life and the music career I so desperately wanted. 

When I finally rolled up at Hoffman aged 24, I’d lost all of my confidence, fire and grit. My mind was a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts. On the one hand I felt tremendous hope that it might be the thing that could pull me out of my uncontrollable spiral, but on the other I found it hard to believe that so much change could really occur in just a week...'  

To read Stella's article, click here. For more Hoffman Graduate Process Stories, click here

You can find out more about Stella at www.stellatalpo.co or listen to her Soundcloud here

Do you have skeletons in your closet?
Clear clutter and address your stress...

A recent article in the Irish Independent explores the cathartic power of decluttering in lessening stress and bringing a sense of calm.

Quoted in the article are two Hoffman graduates. Psychologist Oliver James described greed as a socially-transmitted disease in his book Affluenza almost a decade ago. Trend forecaster James Wallman, author of   Stuffocation, then went on to demonstrate that experiences are far more key to happiness than stuff. In fact, stuff can get in the way of what's really important.

Click here to read the article and discover five top tips to creating a clutter-free lifestyle.
Boarding: Surviving the Syndrome
One-day conference at Brighton University

The Hoffman Process often sees participants who want to work on their experience of being sent to boarding school at an early age. If this is you, or if you're a therapist interested in exploring boarding school legacy for yourself or your clients, University of Brighton's one-day conference on Saturday 9 September is the first ever national dedicated conference on the psychology of boarding.

Speakers include Thurstine Basset, director of Boarding Concern and psychologist and author Nick Duffel, Director of Boarding School Survivors. The line-up also includes Hoffman Graduate Anni Townend.

'If you send your kids away very early,
emotionally they never come home'

There are currently 70,000 children at boarding school in Britain, 5,000 of them 10 years old or under. Watch a new new investigative short film, Boarding School Survivors on YouTube here.

This talk is actually very good...
Hoffman Grad Steve Chapman's TEDx talk
We all experience 'negative chatter' from time to time - that little whisper in our ear that tells us we're not good enough, should never try anything new or that everything's going to go wrong and we're making fools of ourselves.

In this recently-published TEDx talk, Steve Chapman tells the story of how a personal experience of failure led him to begin an investigation into his inner critic. Halfway through the talk, Steve mentions how the Hoffman Process, along with a variety of experimental and creative methods, helped him learn to dance with his inner critic (aka his Dark Side), rather than do battle...
To watch Steve's talk on YouTube, click here .
or to visit his blog, click here

The French Retreat
A few places now available!

Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Matthew Pruen and Self-Esteem Mentor and Shamanic Practitioner Emma Pruen in a stunning location near Bordeux/Bergerac, the course is suitable for couples or individuals. 

Each day offers connection to Hoffman tools, as well as new techniques and experiences. Daily free time provides the opportunity for trips, activities and plenty of relaxation.

Date: Monday 11th – Friday 15th September 2017
Venue: La Loge, 16210 Yviers, near Bordeaux/Bergerac, France
Cost: £995 per person, to cover all tuition, food, accommodation and airport transfers.

Don't pass on your baggage!
Hoffman Parenting Workshops

Do you ever catch yourself talking to your child and sounding just like your parents? Unless we grab our pesky behaviour patterns and challenge them, it's inevitable that we'll pass our baggage down the chain of generations...

Hoffman Parenting Workshops are led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and parenting coach Michelle Mace, and apply Hoffman tools to support your parent

We're holding two workshops in September, one addressing the specific challenges of children aged 0-12 and once focusing on teenagers aged 13+. Individuals or couples are welcome, and you don't need to have done the Process to attend. 
'I'm really glad I came. I feel positively reinforced in my parenting and I have heard lots of ideas that I can use in daily life whilst spending time with my kids. Thank you!'

Closure at Oxon Hoath
Thursday 10 August: Jeremy, Mairi, Eliza
and Sam

Do you remember your Thursday evening Closure dinner and that great feeling of being supported - by your Process group, by your teachers and by visiting Hoffman grads? Here's your chance to reconnect and revive that feeling by attending the Closure of a new flock of Hoffman geese in the glorious surroundings of Oxon Hoath in Kent.

Closure starts at 5pm prompt and there's no cost to attend. Dinner's included. All you have to do is call the office on (+44)1903 889 990 and let us know that you'd like to come along.

There's always at least one opportunity to attend Closure each month - the next is at Florence House on 31 August. For future dates, click here Please not that it's not possible to attend the Closure of a spouse or child, although we'd love to see you at their welcome home.

Reconnection Day
Saturday 30 September, London

'The dynamics of the group were amazing and I instantly had a feeling of warmth, belonging and love. It was good to refresh my memory with some of the tools used on The Process...
(HW, Hoffman grad)

Reconnection Days
offer you the opportunity to allow yourself an entire day to re-focus on your Process. In the company of other Hoffman grads, you'll be reminded of your Process insights and encouraged to refresh your vision, identifying and overcoming any blocks you may have to achieving it. Perfect if you've a life challenge ahead, or just as a Hoffman tool top-up and a treat to yourself. The day will be led by Supervising Hoffman teacher Jeremy Kynaston (pictured).

Hoffman Support Groups

London Support Group
Led by Hoffman UK co-founder & Director,

Serena Gordon
Friday 15 September

Violet Hills Studios, London, NW8 9EB

Brighton Support Group

Led by Senior Hoffman teacher Sam Cotton
Monday 18 September,
Cornerstone Centre, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2F

Bristol Support Group

Wednesday 1 November,
HOURS, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD

Hoffman events for family and friends

Information Evening: London
Tuesday 15 August

Introduction Day: London
Saturday 16 September

Process Dates
August 5-11: Wait List* 

August 26-September 1:
Wait List*

September 9-15: Wait List*
September 23-29: Wait List*
October 7-13: Wait List*
October 21-27: Available
November 4-10: Available

*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for full details.

For a full calendar of Hoffman Information events, click here
Hoffman top tip for August
Enjoy a seasonal sensation...

Whatever the weather, spend some time outdoors today. Go for a stroll in the garden, a walk in the park, the countryside or by the sea. Take advantage of the day, whether it's sunshine or rain on your face. Celebrate the season!

Bring something back from your wanderings in nature to decorate your home.

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