Q2: 3-Day Refresher

PPS_Q2_RefresherQ2: 3-Day Refresher

The Q2 is a 3-day residential course, starting on a Friday morning and finishing on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes described as ‘the mini-Process’, Q2 is the perfect space to reconnect with your Hoffman experience and work on any new issues that are coming up in your life today.

You can choose to do the Q2 with partners, family or friends as long as they are Hoffman graduates as well. We generally ask you wait at least 3 months after your Process before attending a Q2. There is no limit to how many Q2’s you attend.

You can arrive at the Q2 the night before or between 9-9.30am on the Friday for registration. The course finishes about 4.30 on Sunday afternoon.

The Q2: What people say

I left the Q2 with my awareness sharpened, my faith in myself reinforced, and my determination to keep striving towards the life I want – and undoubtedly deserve – refreshed. I have a renewed commitment to caring for myself; to be the real me.
David Ward, who shares his experience of the Q2 in an article with fellow Q2er Adam Douglas here
‘I knew that I needed to do something and, since Hoffman had transformed my life in so many ways already, I had faith that the benefits of the Q2 would be revealed by actually doing it. Sometimes, you just have to hold your nose and jump…’

Cath McNeill, who did the Q2 eighteen months after doing the Process. Click here to read Cath’s article ‘I held my nose and jumped…’

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