Hoffman Newsletter: November 2014

New Life - Chapter One

The stories we tell ourselves have a profound impact on our personal lives as well as the lives of others.  

Hoffman Graduate and psychotherapist Heide Baumann shines a fascinating light on the stories we tell ourselves and the roles that we play. She asks revealing questions to help you see where you may be acting out of unhelpful beliefs and family conditioning. Most importantly she shows you how to reclaim your authenticity so that you feel more relaxed and at peace in your own skin. 

We also offer Hoffman Graduates the chance to come and listen to UK founder Tim Laurence share his personal story about Bob Hoffman and the origins of the Hoffman Process. Explore the Hoffman Tools  with Tim on December 2nd and find creative new ways to integrate them into your life. 

If you are new to Hoffman, you will find several opportunities to find out more about the Hoffman process. You could attend our introduction day, or come to our Information Evening on November 18th. At the end of this newsletter, you'll also find a lovely Hoffman Monthly Top Tip.

We hope you enjoy the new format of this newsletter and we look forward to any feedback that you may have, 

What's Your Story?

Masked Woman
One of the most common reasons that people contact Hoffman is because they feel stuck. Often an area of life feels as if it keeps repeating with little excitement or fulfillment.

One way to get out of a rut is to look at the story you tell yourself about your life and your role in it. Psychotherapist Heide Baumann, who did the Process in 2007, is an expert in this approach. Having combined 17 years of corporate life with being a mother, a therapist, and being rooted in German culture while living in the UK, she's intrigued by the way we link different environments. Here she gives you the chance to look at your own life in a way that may help you discover how to be more authentic more of the time and even re-invent yourself. Read more of Heide's article Feature
The Story of Hoffman

Tim Laurence
An evening with Tim Laurence
Tuesday, December 2nd, 7.30-9.30pm

The Awareness Centre, 41 Abbeville Road, Clapham, SW4 9JX
Come and join Hoffman UK Founder Tim Laurence to find out how Bob Hoffman's simple message to help human awareness is as relevant now as it was 45 years ago. Tim will share personal anecdotes of his years with Bob and will then explore how the Process tools can be used daily to help enhance creativity, promote self awareness and bring peace of mind. 

This event is free, however spaces are limited so you will need to email the office to book a place. 
New to Hoffman..?

Information EveningsInformation Evening: Tuesday November 18
This event provides the opportunity to meet Hoffman teachers and Process participants, ask questions, hear people's experiences and decide if the Process is right for you. 7.30pm-9.30pm. Regent's University, London NW1 4NS.
The event is free and there's no need to book.
More Info
Introduction Day: Saturday February 7
This 'stand alone' workshop is for people curious to learn about the Hoffman Process and what to expect from this week-long residential course.The day is experiential and you will hear about the origins of the Hoffman Process and learn several Hoffman techniques. The day costs £85 which is deducted from the Process fee on registration. Booking is essential as places are limited. There is no charge for Hoffman graduates attending with family or friends.  

Information Phone-In
Information Phone-In: Tuesday November 11
Join our free monthly Conference call to find out whether the Process is right for you. Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm
These calls are led by a member of the Hoffman team and often include previous course participants who can help answer your questions. You can call from anywhere in the world with a local call charge.
For any questions about the Hoffman process, call 01903 889990 or email us 

Next Process Dates

November 8-14, Florence House, East Sussex

November 22-28, Florence House, East Sussex

December 6-12, Florence House, East Sussex

January 3-9, Dunford House, West Sussex (Single Rooms Available)

January 24-30, Florence House, East Sussex


Click here for more UK Process dates and to book online

For any questions about the Hoffman Process, call 01903 889990 or email us 

For Hoffman Graduates 

Q2 Refresher
Q2 Refresher: January 16 - 18 2015
Are you missing the Hoffman connection?
The Q2 allows you to build upon your Process work, providing an opportunity to explore some of the areas that you wish to investigate further. It enables you to focus on a particular relationship or challenge as well as deepening your Process experience.
Venue: Dunford House, West Sussex

Support Call
Support Call: Wednesday November 19
Grieving, Losses and Betrayals
Are you struggling to come to terms with a bereavement, a loss or even a perceived betrayal? Join supervising Hoffman teacher Matthew Pruen to take steps to complete with the past, accept the gift therein, and welcome a new, positive future.
Reconnection Day
Reconnection Day: Saturday January 17 2015
Use Hoffman tools to brush away the Winter blues!
Come and start the year by spending a day with other Hoffman graduates. Rekindle your vision, clarify your direction and remind yourself how the Hoffman tools can be used on a daily basis. Invite members of your Hoffman process group and start 2015 the Hoffman way.
Time: 10.00am - 5.30pm

For any questions on the Hoffman Process, please call 01903 889990 or email us

Hoffman Monthly Top Tip

Break Out Of The Old Routine
Pick something that you do virtually every day and change it! If you listen to the same radio station every day, try listening to something completely different. Change your timetable. If you are a creature of habit, today is the day that you break free of your routine. 
Until Next Month...