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Dear Serena 
Family in PalmDoes perfectionism slow you down or create conflict in your relationships?  Do you procrastinate until the window of opportunity has slammed shut? Are you aware when a pattern has taken control of your life?
Don't worry, you're not alone, and the great news is that learned patterns like these can be unlearned, allowing you a freer, more conscious choice in how you lead your life. 
In this month's issue Hoffman UK founder and author Tim Laurence discusses the most common patterns that people experience and, more importantly, he tells you how to overcome them. Tim is also going to be visiting Dubai in March and running two Hoffman events, so do forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

How full is your mind? Much of the Hoffman Process involves an understanding of how to stay present to experiences and stop the negative chatter. This month we give you the opportunity to listen to our free Mindful Meditation led by Tim Laurence (yes, he's been busy...) 

If you want to read a recent personal experience of the Process then click on the link to the March issue of Red Magazine and hear how journalist and blogger Marianne Power found love for herself and others. 
If you're just finding out about Hoffman, you can attend our Introduction Day on May 9th or our Information Evening on March 24th in London or March 25th in Dublin. Hoffman graduates can also join us at our New Hoffman Support Evening in London on March 20th as well as joining the Support Call on March 12th.  And finally, remember to check out our Hoffman Top Tip on how to de-energise a stubborn pattern with a balloon. Don't get carried away...

Wishing you a month full of freedom and choice,  
With love from The Hoffman Team  
Graduates Process DatesTop Tip 

Tim LaurenceA foundation stone of the Hoffman Process is building an awareness of the patterns that run our lives. Here Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence explains why it's so helpful to identify where our patterns come from and how to unravel them.

'The first time I heard the word 'pattern' to describe human behaviour was when I was walking into a New Year's Eve party with a book under one arm. The host came up to say hello, saw that I was carrying a book, and remarked with a smile: 'Aha, I sense you have a pattern of being easily bored'.  

Some of the top patterns that people identify on the Process are low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, being emotionally shut down and fear of intimacy or abandonment. The good news is that what is learned can be unlearned...

Hoffman in Dubai
Don't miss out: Two Hoffman Events in March
Hoffman in Dubai
If you live in Dubai or have friends who you think would like to hear more about the Hoffman Process, invite them to join Tim Laurence for a free Information Evening Thursday March 12 at Ductac. 
Time: 7.30-9.30pm. 

If you are a Hoffman graduate and would like to reconnect with some of the Hoffman tools and meet other Hoffman graduates, join Tim at our Reconnection Day:
Friday March 13 at Dubai Drums.
Time:  9.30am-5.30pm. 

More information about both events can be found here. We look forward to seeing you again.

Reading Hoffman in Red

Red Magazine, March 2015 In the March issue of Red Magazine, Journalist and Hoffman graduate Marianne Power realises it's impossible to love others if you're busy hating yourself.

Writing about doing the Process, Marianne tells how falling in love with herself was the best Valentine gift.

"I felt what it was like to NOT hate myself. It was bliss. I not only loved myself but I opened my eyes and looked around the room and loved everyone in it, in a way that I've never loved other people before. It was beautiful"  

Thank you Marianne for the reminder that we are all awesome!

Click to read the full article
Or click here to check out Marianne's blog

NEW! March Meditation

Meditation Envelope This month we thought we would give you the opportunity to listen to a mindfulness meditation led by Tim Laurence. We hope you enjoy this very simple meditation practice that can be helpful in times of stress or when you're worried about something.

Throughout the 7 minute meditation, the invitation is to stay present and to meet your experience just as it is - noticing how the mind wanders and then coming back to the instructions as gently as you can...

Find somewhere calm to sit and close your eyes.. 

New to Hoffman..?newanchor

Information EveningsInformation Evenings:
Tuesday March 24 (London) and
Wednesday March 25 (Dublin)
This event provides the opportunity to meet Hoffman teachers and Process participants, ask questions, hear people's experiences and decide if the Process is right for you. 7.30pm-9.30pm. Regent's University, London NW1 4NS or Brooks Hotel, Dublin.
The event is free and there's no need to book.
More Info

Introduction Day: Saturday May 9 
This 'stand alone' workshop is for people curious to learn about the Hoffman Process and what to expect from this week-long residential course.The day is experiential and you will hear about the origins of the Hoffman Process and learn several Hoffman techniques. The day costs £85 which is deducted from the Process fee on registration. Booking is essential as places are limited. There is no charge for Hoffman graduates attending with family or friends.  

Information Phone-In
Information Phone-Ins:
Tuesday March 17
 and April 7  
Join our free monthly Conference calls to find out whether the Process is right for you. Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm
These calls are led by a member of the Hoffman team and often include previous course participants who can help answer your questions. You can call from anywhere in the world with a local call charge.
For any questions about the Hoffman process, call 01903 889990 or email us 

Next Process DatesProcessanchor

Hoffman Magazine 

March 14-20, Florence House, E.Sussex (Full

April 4-10, Dunford House, W.Sussex      SRA

April 18-24, Florence House, E. Sussex
May 2-8, Florence House, E. Sussex
(SRA = Single rooms available. Full = Wait list in operation.)

To book online, or for further dates, click here.

To read articles about the Hoffman Process, click here.

To order a Hoffman magazine, click here.

For any questions about the Hoffman Process, call 01903 88 99 90 or
email us 

For Hoffman Graduates Gradsanchor

SSupport Callupport Call: Monday March 12
Your Top Five Patterns
Ever felt overwhelmed by the weight of your patterns?
Join us on this month's call and get to grips with the core compulsiveness that's been blocking your vision from really blossoming.
Led by supervising Hoffman teacher Matthew Pruen.
Time: 7.30pm
London Support Evening: Friday March 20
Led by a member of the Hoffman team, the evening will give you the chance to revisit the tools, enjoy a Hoffman visualisation, and meet up with other Hoffman graduates.
Venue: The Awareness Centre 41 Abbeville Road, SW4 9JX
Time: 7.30-9.30pm
Email the office to reserve your place
Reconnection Day
Reconnection Day: Saturday May 16 
Use Hoffman tools to brush away the Winter blues!
Rekindle your vision, clarify your direction and remind yourself how the Hoffman tools can be used on a daily basis. Invite members of your Hoffman Process group and reconnect the Hoffman way.
Time: 10.00am - 5.30pm
More info & to book
Q2 Refresher
Q2 Refresher: June 5-7
Are you missing the Hoffman connection?
The Q2 allows you to build upon your Process work, providing an opportunity to explore some of the areas that you wish to investigate further. It enables you to focus on a particular relationship or challenge as well as deepening your Process experience.
Venue: Florence House, East Sussex
More info & to book

The Hoffman Journal The Hoffman Post Process Journal
A handy journal that provides you with a reminder of the Hoffman tools and techniques 365 days of the year. Start any time and keep Hoffman with you by your side.
Find out more and order here

For any questions on the Hoffman Process, please call 01903 889990 or email us

Hoffman Monthly Top Tiptoptip

Don't get carried away by your patterns! 


A pattern is defined as a behaviour that is automatic, compulsive and emotionally charged.
De-energisers are ways to dispel the charge so you can carry on with your plans for the day.

You'll find this little exercise easy and effective and it can be done anywhere.

* Name the pattern that you are experiencing.

* Feel the letters spelling the word in your belly.

* Take a deep breath and blow the letters out of your body and into a real or imaginary balloon... one letter at a time.

* Hold the end of the balloon closed and lift it into the air.

* Let the balloon go and release all that negative energy.

* Take a few deep breaths, feel the sense of achievement - and move on.


Time to go and buy some balloons...

Until Next Month...
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