Information Phone-In

How it Works

  • Call: 0844 473 7373 within the UK on a landline, or from a mobile it’s 87373
  • International callers click here for low cost alternative numbers to call from outside the UK.
  • If your country is not included in this list, please dial +44 844 4 73 73 73
  • You will then be asked to enter a PIN which is 103655
  • You will be asked for your name.
  • If you’re the first person on the call, you’ll hear music. Otherwise you’ll be welcomed on.
  • If you’re disconnected, simply dial back in.
  • To minimise background noise when you’re not speaking, please use #6 to mute your phone
  • To speak or ask questions, unmute your phone with #6 again.

What does it cost?

There is no charge for the information phone in; you simply pay for your own call. The typical cost is 4.3p/min+VAT from landlines in UK.
Call costs will be shown on your bill the same as for any other call. For International calls and low cost alternative numbers, click here

On the call, we cover questions like:
•    How can you tell if the Process is right for you?
•    Is there a good or right time to do the Process?
•    Do I have to talk about my issues in front of others?
•    Which issues are particularly helped by it?
•    Does it matter if your partner hasn’t done it?
•    What changes can you expect following the course?
•    How can it help relationships and/or parenting skills?
•    What are the long-term benefits?
•    Do I have to subscribe to any belief system for this to work?

For the answers to more questions, see below.

Does everyone speak? Do I have to speak, or can I just listen?

Everyone introduces themselves briefly at the start. From then on, speaking or asking questions is your own choice. Some people ask a lot of questions, some choose to ask very few or none at all.

How will I know when to speak?

Everyone is given the opportunity to ask questions. Just say your name before speaking.

Can you call in confidence?

If you prefer to only give your first name or pseudonym, that’s fine.

Do I have to stay on the line for the whole hour?

Not at all. If you’ve heard all you need to hear, or you have another engagement, then just choose a suitable moment to say goodbye.

Is there a set structure to the call?

Yes, the format is usually as follows:

  • Welcome: A round of introductions so everyone has a feel for how many people are on the call.
  • The host is introduced and talks briefly about the Process.
  • Callers are then invited to ask questions.
  • The rest of the call is a Q&A session.
Do I need to prepare anything?

Some people like to consider what questions they have about the Process so they’re ready to ask them on the call. But ultimately, all you need is you!

Can I ask a question that is particular to me and my situation?

YES! You’d be amazed how often your question addresses someone else’s concerns, even when your situation may appear a bit different to theirs.

Anything else I should know?

A few tips that can help to make the call the best it can be for everyone:

  • To keep a high quality of sound, please use a landline if you’re able. Skype or mobile phones can sometimes cause background noise.
  • Use a corded or high-quality digital cordless telephone for optimal quality, if you can.
  • If you have a two-line phone, please turn the ringer off on the second line!
  • Please don’t use a speakerphone or mobile microphone for the call.
  • Everyone is given the opportunity (and encouraged!) to ask questions. Just remember to say your name before speaking, so the host knows whose question is whose!
  • If you are able to call in before the designated time to introduce yourself, it can be helpful (and means the full call can start promptly for other callers).

For any questions not covered above, email: or call 01903 88 99 90. We’ll be happy to help!