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Hoffman in the Media

For more than 20 years now, various newspapers, magazines and books have shared the impact and benefits of the Hoffman Process.  More recently blogs, digital magazines and social media have featured the Process too. Read what they say and make your own mind up – simply click on the relevant article to read the feature in full.  OR,  click here to get the personal accounts from people who’ve done the Process.

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Emma Newlands reviews the Hoffman Essentials in The Scotsman

Huge thanks to Emma for this review of The Hoffman Essentials. To read the article on The Scotsman website, click here Taking some me time with a Hoffman course An online Hoffman Essentials therapeutic workshop helps Emma Newlands banish her ‘inner critic’ The treatment The Hoffman Essentials (early bird offer of £195; otherwise £250), a […]

Lockdown-proof your marriage – Hoffman featured in The Telegraph

Below is an extract from the article: Lockdown-proof your marriage: the relationship advice we all need now first published in the Sunday Telegraph on 10 January 2021. To read the full article on The Telegraph website, click here (you may need to register), or you can download a PFD here. We’d like to thank journalist […]

Tim Laurence interviewed by Luke Storey, ‘The Life Stylist’

Hoffman graduate Luke Storey is a former Hollywood fashion stylist turned public speaker, broadcaster and entrepreneur. The Life Stylist is his weekly podcast, where Luke shares his ‘strategies for healing, happiness, and high-performance living.’ Since doing the Process in 2017, Luke says, ‘Life has changed drastically in the most positive sense… The Hoffman Process was […]

Don’t Pass On Your Baggage – by Serena Gordon, Director of Hoffman UK

Article from September 2017 edition of Families London Southwest"I remember once sitting with my 6-year-old son who’d been tasked with the job of drawing a birthday card for his Granny. He sat there diligently, drawing goalposts and a man in blue kicking a ball towards the goal.“That’s Frank Lampard, and he’s scoring a goal.”“Do you [...]

Happinez magazine: Roxane Catz finds a detox for the soul

The text below is a translation from a feature that first appeared in Happinez magazine. If you’d rather read it in its original Dutch, you can download a PDF copy here, or read it on Roxane’s blog here. Please note that this article first appeared in 2012 so some Process details may have changed – […]

The Resident: Trish Lesslie is serious about change

“I came out the same person, but the shift in my attitude has made a huge difference. I’m less stressed, more patient and forgiving and my relationships are better for it.” [Reproduced from www.theresident.co.uk with permission of the author]  

Attitude Magazine: Matthew Todd finding peace

“The Hoffman Process may sound like the stuff of nightmares for us British, who apparently hate talking about our feelings, but we all needed this… The most powerful single thing that I did in my ongoing journey of recovery. It was emotional and magical and I learned a lot about how important it is to […]

Natural Health Magazine: Susan Montpelier, tough love

An excerpt from Susan’s full article, which originally appeared in Natural Health Magazine “I knew something had to change. And then I heard about the Hoffman Process, so I took the plunge by signing up for their eight-day retreat. This process definitively explained to me why I had been behaving with such self-destruction. The negative […]

Spirit and Destiny: 5 courses that change lives

An excerpt from an article in Spirit and Destiny Magazine 2009 “It worked for me!” “Doing the Hoffman Process was the most positive step I’ve taken to becoming content. After years of battling low self-esteem stemming  from my dad’s alcoholism, I had to do something for my children’s sake, so I signed up for the […]

Easy Living: Lesley Garner clears the clutter

An excerpt from Lesley’s full article, which originally appeared in Easy Living Magazine “The effect of the Hoffman process on me was to leave me energised and fizzing with ideas, lovely creative ideas which would take me off in new directions and turn my life from monochrome to Technicolor. But somehow, life kept on happening. […]

Diva Magazine: Lucy Fry breaks the cycle

An excerpt from Lucy’s full article, which originally appeared in Diva Magazine “One Friday in January this year, I found myself at a beautiful country house in Seaford, checking into the intensive self-development course, the Hoffman Process, with another 23 nervous strangers. It seemed we all had different reasons for coming – some were facing […]

New You: Keith Cairncross gets on track

An excerpt from Keith’s full article, which originally appeared in New You Magazine “When you have reached a point in life when you are fed up with being fed up, and feel you could be more fulfilled, it becomes obvious that something is holding you back. If staying in the ‘trance’ of daily life is […]

Net-a-Porter: Bond Actress Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris started her career as a child actress, appearing on the children television series Simon and the Witch in 1987. She played voodoo witch Tia Dalma in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films, Selena in 28 Days Later,  Winnie Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Moneypenny in the James [...]

Psychologies Magazine: Interview with Mairi Russell

An excerpt from the full article, which originally appeared in Psychologies Magazine “Each month, we investigate the best therapies on offer. This month – how the Hoffman Process can kick-start your life. “I’ve never found it easy to get out of an emotional rut. Even when I knew I had a lot to be grateful […]

Porter Magazine: Sienna Miller stops the noise!

Excerpt from an article in Porter Magazine “There is a curious look in her eye, like an impatient child bursting to say something. “Like someone who’s done the Hoffman” she says, triumphantly, referring to the controversial intensive one-week residential therapy course. “That’s literally why I’m like blahblahblah.” For someone so burnt by press intrusion, the […]

Elle Decoration: Michelle Ogundehin, redesign your mind

An excerpt from Michelle’s full article, which originally appeared in Elle Decoration Magazine “For myself, the push to sign up for the Hoffman Process was simply a steadily increasing feeling that all was not quite as it could be. Change felt required but the trouble was, I wasn’t sure what it was that needed to […]

Irish Independent: Victoria Mary Clarke, freedom from the heart

Excerpt from an article in the Irish Independent “Hoffman works… The first thing I noticed was euphoria, intense euphoria. As if a permanent grey cloud had been lifted, I started waking up feeling enthusiastic about life in a totally new way. The second thing I noticed was that I wasn’t obsessing about what other people […]

The Times: Amy Jenkins, the meaning of life

An excerpt from Amy’s full article, which originally appeared in The Times “I found it marvellous to just let go and give myself over to the ride. It’s quite rare in adult life to have everything arranged for you, to let somebody else drive and not even know where you’re going. In that sense I […]

Namaste: Brigid McConville interviews Tim Laurence

Learning to Forgive – The Greater the Hurt, the Greater the Benefits of Forgiveness The things that can be hardest to forgive may be those that happened farthest back in time. Little things sometimes, but strongly symbolic of patterns that may have lasted a lifetime. Is it possible to move on from these old hurts […]