Developing 360 Vision

Finding the gifts and balance in times of Covid19

Supervising Hoffman facilitator Stella HorganThe Hoffman Process enabled us to identify our negative patterns and vicious cycles, to see where we’re vindictive or in transference, and how our Dark Side works. We’ve felt compassion for our parents and even experienced gratitude for what they could give us. This webinar expands on this, as we take stock of how we’ve been impacted in the last few months, and open an inquiry around where we are out of balance. It’s easy to focus on the negative side of Covid19, but what might be the gifts, blessings or benefits of this time?

We’re generally not in the habit of hunting out the gifts of challenging situations. Its easy to get caught in the negative, to feel like a victim. In doing so, we ignore a whole storehouse of information that can help us make wise choices for the life we want to lead.

This webinar is an opportunity to survey and consolidate your experience during this time of dramatic change, to surface what you have learned and to strengthen your use of Hoffman tools.

Date: Wednesday 3 June, 2020
Led by:
Supervising Hoffman teacher, Stella Horgan
7.30-9.00pm (UK)

To book your place, simply email and ask to be registered for the 360 Vision webinar.

We will email you a confirmation nearer the time with login details and a PDF worksheet for you to use in the session. If you don’t have access to a printer, it’s fine – make sure you have some paper and pen. You may also want to have a look through your workbook in advance of the call, or browse through our online toolkit to jog your memory. Please note that parts of the call may be transcribed or recorded for future event marketing

We will open the Zoom waiting room at 7.15pm and welcome you in for a prompt 7.30pm start.

Pay what you feelThe webinar is open to all Hoffman Process graduates (regardless of where in the world you did your Process) and there is no charge to take part, although if you are moved to contribute to the cost of us continuing to running these webinars, you’re very welcome to pay what you feel.

For details of other Hoffman events via Zoom, see the Post-Process area of this website, and keep an eye on your newsletter or our private Facebook group for regular updates.
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  • Cultivating 360 vision: Stella Horgan
    June 3, 2020
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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