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An Introduction to the Enneagram: with Tim Laurence £15.00 (GBP)  

Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence

Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence

The Enneagram is a powerful system for understanding our own personalities; how we came to be the way we are, what make up our main obstacles to growth, and what the pathways are to our own development.

Like Hoffman, the Enneagram offers a bridge between psychology and spirituality. It acknowledges the biases of personality that might have been deepened in childhood, and it encourages self-awareness and compassion for others.

Tim Laurence has studied it for as long as he’s been involved with Hoffman, over 30 years, and completed a Professional Training in the USA. This system is often used as a tool among Hoffman facilitators, to highlight different perspectives and to better understand the motivators and potential traps of those we come in contact with.

This webinar will introduce you to the Nine main Enneagram types. If you know your Type, or can research it before the webinar, that’s great, but no prior knowledge is necessary to take part – and we don’t recommend doing any of the online tests that are available, as even the paid ones can provide inaccurate results.

During the workshop, we’ll learn that we aren’t ‘Typed’ so that we can put ourselves in a box. We’ll get to know our fundamental Type so that we can see how much more there is to us than our old, narrow, conditioned, behaviour patterns. A perfect complement to Hoffman itself.

Date: Wednesday 14 October, 2020
Led by:
Tim Laurence, Hoffman UK founder and facilitator
Platform: Zoom

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  • An Introduction to the Enneagram: with Tim Laurence
    October 14, 2020
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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