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Webinar: Recycle your inner clutter - Wednesday 28 April £15.00 (GBP)  

Supervising Hoffman Facilitator Jeremy Kynaston

Jeremy Kynaston

As lockdown gradually starts to ease and we can start emerging from our homes, you might well be thinking about what life in ‘the new normal’ is going to entail.

What comes up for you as you think about seeing members of your family and socialising with your friends? How are you feeling about going back into your workplace, visiting pubs or going out to dinner? Are you looking forward to it all, feeling relieved and excited, or have you become quite attached to the way things have been now feel anxious or afraid? Are you someone who welcomes new opportunities or someone who prefers the way things have been?

And what patterns are getting triggered? Perhaps not good enough, comparing, self critical, fear of the unknown, procrastinating, can’t be bothered….maybe many others.

On the Hoffman Process, we teach a very simple but powerful tool of transformation called Recycling. Just as you may regularly recycle unwanted household items, you can recycle unwanted patterns into positive alternative ways of behaving.

So join us for our April webinar to revisit Recycling, and be reminded of how to transform your unwanted patterns – a kind of spring clean you can continue to use through all the seasons.

Date: Wednesday 28 April
Suitable for: Hoffman Process graduates and those who have done The Hoffman Essentlals
Led by: Supervising Hoffman UK facilitator, Jeremy Kynaston
7.30-9.00pm (UK time) Please login from 7.15pm to ensure a prompt start
Cost: £15. To book your place, please use the registration and payment box at the top of this page
Platform: Zoom

We will email you a confirmation nearer the time with login details and a copy of the workbook for the session. It will also be helpful to have a paper and pen. On the evening, we’ll open the Zoom waiting room at 7.15pm and welcome you in for a prompt 7.30pm start.

Please note that parts of this session may be transcribed or recorded for future event marketing; you’re very welcome to communicate via Zoom’s chat function if you wish to remain anonymous.

For details of Hoffman graduate events via Zoom, see the Post-Process area of this website, and keep an eye on your newsletter or our private Facebook group for regular updates.



  • Webinar: Recycle your inner clutter - Wednesday 28 April
    April 28, 2021
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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