This is a Hoffman co-production led by Janet Burgis, Holistic Yoga & Qoya Teacher and Hoffman Process Supervising Facilitator. Our Sunday Soother is an invitation to use these precious moments to breathe, move & feel. To luxuriate and create an embodied relationship with yourself, guided and held in a conscious community.

Supervising Hoffman facilitator Janet Burgis

Janet Burgis

This three hour workshop will begin with meditation;

  • We will breathe easily through chakra chanting and healing
  • Then stretch gently into soothing yoga
  • and awaken into total embodiment with a co-ed Qoya movement class (slow down to feel more – you know you’re doing it right when it feels good).

Come as you are, ready to feel. Dress to move freely. No prior experience needed.

Date: Sunday 24 May 2020
Time: 9.00am – 12 noon (UK time)
Cost: £30 per participant
Open to: Hoffman Graduates. Your friends and family are welcome if you are in the same house.

What you’ll need:

  • A stable internet connection (turn off all background programmes, email etc. to ensure best experience)
  • Good sound – decent speakers or earbuds
  • Space to move
  • Privacy – please let others in your household know that you are entering a mini-retreat and need a couple of undisturbed hours. We will be co-creating community and ‘sacred’ space.
  • Yoga mat (or equivalent)
  • Blanket
  • Cushion
  • Journal and pen
  • A ‘sacred object’ (for example, a stone) – a placeholder for an intention which you will use during the movement session
  • Water

A note on confidentiality

Confidentiality is important in this workshop so that all participants feel safe to be fully self-expressed and (if desired), to share their experiences.
By registering for this workshop, you agree to not discuss any other participant’s experience or anything that another person shares in a way in which that participant can in any way be identified. You also agree to not audio or video tape any portion of the session and, wherever possible, to keep your own camera switched on in order that we are all visible and present to each other. This helps to enhance trust and community.

We want to be able to welcome you onto this workshop, so if you’re struggling financially and can’t pay the £30.00 please let us know by emailing us. We are willing to accept whatever you can contribute.

If you’ve got any questions about this workshop, please email and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Soothing grasses

If you feel you need more individual support at this time, Hoffman graduates can also book one to one coaching with Janet (or other members of the Hoffman UK facilitator team) on our website, here.
For other Hoffman events by Zoom, see the Post-Process area of this website, and keep an eye on your newsletter or our private Facebook group for regular updates.
We also offer one-to-one catch-up calls with people who’d like to explore ways to reconnect to their Hoffman experience. Email to book a session.



  • Soul Service and Body Balm, 24 May 2020
    May 24, 2020
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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