Doing The Hoffman Process For A Second Time

Can I re-do the Hoffman Process in the UK?

There are some things in life that you only do once: Catch chicken pox. Donate a kidney. Drop your phone down the loo… The good news is that the Hoffman Process doesn’t need to be one of them. Here Hoffman UK CEO, Serena Gordon explains why she re-did the Process and how beneficial it was.

“I re-did the Process in 2011, sixteen years after I had originally done it in Canada. In the intervening years, I had children, started a business, got divorced, my father died suddenly and I had a lot of things I wanted to ‘sort out’ before starting a new relationship. I knew I could do the Q2, but I wanted to have a full week ‘off grid’ so I could really exorcise those things once and for all. When I first did the Process in 1995, I was completely absorbed with the work on my parents and I felt afterwards that I hadn’t given my surrogates and boarding school the full ‘Process treatment’.

Sometimes people ask, ‘surely you only get that Process experience once?’ And yes, to an extent that’s true. But when you actually start doing the Process again, you’re so ‘in the moment’ that you mostly can’t remember what happened before. The work is hard, but you’re better prepared. The seven day total immersion is incredible. And there are still surprises that catch you off-guard…

Each year, many people around the world re-do the Process and it’s a rewarding, effective and intensely satisfying experience. My week flew by in a blur of blubbing and blisters and I finally found the missing pieces.

So this note is simply to let you know that, ‘Yes. You can do the Process again.’ ”

‘Experiencing Hoffman for a second time was a wonderful thing for me. Not only did I find it extremely beneficial and refreshing to reconnect with the Process, but it allowed me to work on areas within myself that I had only gained an awareness of from my first Process.’ Nick R, Process second-timer, 2018

Booking your second Hoffman Process

We limit attendance on each Process to one or two graduates a month. As a second-timers, you’ll be taken through the enrolment process just as if you were a new participant. We’ll discuss the reasons why you want to do the Process again with you, and you will have to complete all the pre-course work as before.

The only additional thing we’ll require you to agree to is that you allow the others on the course to experience their Process without any spoilers…

If you’re drawn to re-doing the Process in the future, look for availabilty on our Process Dates page, email or call the office on +44(0) 1903 88 99 90 to have a chat.